Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Secret Missions is a book series by Ryder Windham. The series is based on The Clone Wars television series; however, it focuses on new characters and events. The books are published by Grosset & Dunlap, a division of the Penguin Group. The first book of the series, Breakout Squad, was released in September 2009. The second book, Curse of the Black Hole Pirates, was released the following year. The third, Duel at Shattered Rock, was released in 2011. And the fourth novel, announced in the third book's addendum, was called Guardians of the Chiss Key, and was released in 2012.


Windham's involvement in the Star Wars universe has largely been freelance writing assignments, rather than his own story ideas. As such, he was instructed by Lucasfilm to include the Malevolence in the book. However, he did not want to ground the entire Secret Missions series into Season One's timeframe because the later book would come out long after that episode of the show. Frank Parisi requested that a BX-series droid commando be involved in the series. He was also told to include Savage Opress in the comic book tie-in, The Clone Wars: Strange Allies, by Lucasfilm.[2]


Year Name Author Notes
2009 The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 1: Breakout Squad Ryder Windham novel
2010 The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 2: Curse of the Black Hole Pirates Ryder Windham novel
2011 The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 3: Duel at Shattered Rock Ryder Windham novel
2012 The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 4: Guardians of the Chiss Key Ryder Windham novel

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