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Star Wars: The Clone Wars was a series of web comics tied in with the television series of the same name and published by StarWars.com, running from 2008 to 2011. Each week a new comic was revealed, often serving as a direct prequel to the related episode of the series. The series was discontinued in the fourth season. The comics were drawn by Jeffery Carlisle, Katie Cook, Grant Gould, Thomas Hodges and Daniel Falconer.

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List of published comics[]

Season One[]

Hunting the Hunters[]

In the months following the end of Season One and preceding the release of Season Two, several comics were published to bridge the arc between the two seasons. They were released in multiple parts under the name Hunting the Hunters, and were set after the first season finale "Hostage Crisis." Corresponding online games were also released on StarWars.com with each installment.

Act on Instinct[]

For the television series' second season, the comic series took a new angle. Instead of weekly installments leading into the television episodes, the new web comic series, named Act on Instinct, developed into an ongoing story of its own, occasionally weaving into the television series' storylines.

The Valsedian Operation[]

For the series' third season, the comic series continued with the characters established in Act on Instinct.


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