Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine 22 is the twenty-second issue of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine. It was released on January 21, 2014.

Issue 22 also had the designation of being the last issue in the Clone Wars series, being replaced with the Star Wars Magazine.[2]

Publication summary[edit | edit source]

Droid Special! With the Separatists having acquired a deadly new weapon and the fate of the Republic hanging in the balance, the Jedi Order has called on an unlikely new team of heroes: D-Squad!

To celebrate Col Gascon, R2-D2 and their valiant band of droids, we've got a droid spectacular lineup, packed with robotic puzzles, comic strips, profiles, posters and more!

Plus: Your winning Clone Wars vehicle makes its explosive début - and we take a look at the journey of the greatest villain of the entire Star Wars saga: Darth Vader! Impressive, most impressive...

Contents[edit | edit source]

It contained the comics Update and Hotshot.

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