Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine 8 is the eighth issue of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine, published for November/December 2011.


  • Season 4 Preview
  • Runaway Starfighter
  • Underwater Action!
  • Humanoid Droids!
  • Yoda's Puzzles
    • Spot The Difference
    • Messed-Up Match0Up
  • Crab Droids
  • SCUBA Clone Trooper
  • Younglings
  • Space Battle Brainteasers!
    • Starfighter Scramble!
    • Beware The Gun in the Sun!
    • Starfighter at 6 o-clock!
    • Starfighter Word Search
  • Hero Puzzles
    • Mashed-Up Clone!
    • Guess the Hero!
    • Spot the Difference!
    • Crack the Code
  • Giant Crossword
  • Mastiff phalones
  • Villain Puzzles
    • Interstellar Ambush!
    • Guess the Villain!
    • Out Droid Out!
    • Crack the Code
  • Captain Ackbar
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