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Star Wars: The Concept Art of Ralph McQuarrie Mini Book is an upcoming Star Wars reference book with a focus on the art of Ralph McQuarrie. It is slated for release on October 8, 2019 by Insight Editions.[1]

Publisher's summaryEdit

Explore the evocative Star Wars concept art of legendary artist Ralph McQuarrie in this miniature art book.

Hold a galaxy of legendary designs in the palm of your hand with Star Wars: The Concept Art of Ralph McQuarrie Mini Book.

Featuring over 100 stunning concept images from the original Star Wars trilogy as well as the many books and publications inspired by the Star Wars galaxy, this mini book is bound together at a readable pocket-book size and is the perfect collectible item for Star Wars fans of all ages.

Notes and referencesEdit

The Art of Star Wars
Original trilogy
Episode IV · Episode V · Episode VI
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Sequel trilogy
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The Clone Wars · Rogue One · Uprising · Solo · Rebels
Marvel · Jedi: Fallen Order · Concept Art of Ralph McQuarrie
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