This article is about the Star Wars Legends novel series.
You may be looking for the Science Fiction Book Club omnibus.

Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy is a trilogy of novels written by Roger MacBride AllenAmbush at Corellia, Assault at Selonia, and Showdown at Centerpoint. All three installments were released in 1995 by Bantam Spectra. The novels are set in 18 ABY and chronicle the Solo family's visit to Corellia.

Sometime after the release of Showdown at Centerpoint, the Science Fiction Book Club published an omnibus collecting the full Corellian Trilogy into a single volume.

Publisher's summary[]

Well aware that the galaxy was filled with dangerous surprises, Leia Organa Solo did her best to see that her children grew up with something resembling a normal family life. As the New Republic's Chief of State, she needed to attend the trade conference on Corellia to help restore economic vitality to that troubled star system. But Corellia was Han's homeworld, and Leia saw no reason not to combine the diplomatic mission with a family vacation. The Solos would just travel ahead in the Millennium Falcon instead of waiting for the official delegation. No fanfare, no problems...

Except that Han and Chewie found an old Imperial assassin droid snooping around their ship...several New Republic Intelligence agents had disappeared in the Corellian system recently...and, oh yes, immediately upon the Falcon's arrival, someone threw a rather warm reception for the Chief of State and her family—complete with turbo-laser cannon.

Includes three novels—Ambush at Corellia, Assault at Selonia and Showdown at Centerpoint—in one volume.

Behind the scenes[]

The trilogy incorrectly refers to all forms of starship-based laser weaponry as turbolasers. According to Star Wars canon,[source?] turbolasers are large ship-mounted weapons, while starfighters use smaller laser cannons.


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