Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut is a twelve-part blog series published through the Star Wars Blog, beginning on September 27, 2013. It features The Essential Guide to Warfare author Jason Fry and Del Rey editor Erich Schoeneweiss presenting cut material from The Essential Guide to Warfare, authored by Fry, Paul R. Urquhart, and Michael Kogge.

The first part covered "The Vanished," the planned prologue for the book covering a briefing on the Celestial wars and possible remnants, as well as "Traces of the Celestials," which covered some of the objects discovered.

The second part examined the guide's section on ancient Coruscant, the Zhell, and Taung, as well as a cut section on the Sun Guard.

The third part discussed Xim the Despot and the pre-Republic conflicts he was involved in, and included the poem "The Gleam of Kiirium," written by Michael Kogge as the fifth part of The Despotica.

The fourth part discussed the events of The Watchman's Tale, as well as the Waymancy Storm and the formation of the Rocket-Jumper Elite Advance Units, and overall covered the rise of the Galactic Republic.

The fifth part discussed the more heinous actions of the Hutts, in particular their actions in the Rim during Republic history, as well as some details on Irmenu and a war that occurred during that time, an alternate take on the Battle of Ruusan, and overall the zenith of the Galactic Republic's reign.

The sixth part discussed the events of the Invasion of Naboo, including a section detailing the Trade Federation prior to its corruption, an account of the ground battle from an anti-droid Naboo veteran, and a war portrait of Captain Panaka, whose first name is revealed.

The seventh part discussed the Grand Army of the Republic, including the cloning technology and process and the procedure for giving medical care to injured clones.

The eighth part discussed events of the late Clone Wars, including usage of propaganda during this time, shockball's ties to the Separatists, an account from a gunship pilot during the First Battle of Geonosis, and a war portrait of Kligson.

The ninth part discussed various battlefronts during the Clone Wars, including the Battle of Kashyyyk, as well as covering how several clone troopers disobeyed Order 66 and their fates, and a history of the Battle of Metalorn.

The tenth part discussed the rise of the Galactic Empire, including an exposé on the TIE Pilot philosophy, an Imperial propaganda piece on the 181st squadron, and a soldier's story of the failed blast shield and his reasons for quitting.

The eleventh part detailed service within the Galactic Empire, including the backstory of Valance the Hunter, an account of the ion cannon hitting the Star Destroyer Tyrant during the Battle of Hoth, and a war portrait of Admiral Motti.

The twelfth and final part detailed events within the New Republic, including a War Portrait of Bey, an account on the Battle of Balmorra, a story from a captive by the Yuuzhan Vong, and a returning soldier's account of the devastation of the Battle of Coruscant, as well as a full list of planned elements for The Essential Guide To Warfare itself, including concepts that didn't make the Author's Cut.

According to Jason Fry, Leland Chee vetted this material for continuity.[1]


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