Star Wars: The Films and the Galaxy Beyond is a collection of Star Wars comic covers that cover the full Star Wars history through a gallery of comic book covers. The collection was published by Dark Horse Comics and was published in November 2005. The thirty-one included covers were reproduced for the collection from recent Dark Horse comics.

The art collection is introduced by Randy Stradley, editor of Dark Horse Comics, who provides some details about the Star Wars Expanded Universe and the cover of the collection is Tsuneo Sanda's "25th Anniversary" poster art. Each cover art piece included a description about the cover as well as the artists and the titles of the original comics.

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The reproduced covers appear in the collection as listed:


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An Exclusive Collection of Original Star Wars Comic Art

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The comic collection was provided with along with a purchase of the Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith DVD at For Your Entertainment stores.

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