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"This game is about kicking ass with the Force."
Haden Blackman, in the March 2007 issue of Game Informer

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a Star Wars video game that takes place between the films Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Being the centerpiece of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed multimedia project, the game was released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii as well as the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and the iPhone. LucasArts is working in conjunction with Industrial Light & Magic, Pixelux Entertainment, and NaturalMotion to create a next-gen Star Wars experience. The game will showcase Digital Molecular Matter (DMM), an extremely detailed and realistic material physics engine developed by Pixelux, and euphoria, a realistic bio-mechanical A.I. engine by NaturalMotion. The Force Unleashed was originally slated for release in November 2007 but was delayed to the spring of 2008 and later delayed again to that summer. It was then announced that it will be released on September 16, 2008. A demo was made available on Xbox LIVE and Playstation Network for download on August 21, 2008. The final version of the game was released on September 16, 2008.



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Attack on Kashyyyk

Darth Vader accompanies the Imperial Fleet in invading the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, because rumors abound that a there is a rogue Jedi who is fighting in defense of the Wookiees. After battling his way through an army of vicious Wookiees, Vader eventually makes his way to a small hut, home of the rogue Jedi Kento Marek. Kento, in an attempt to protect the planet and his young son, Galen, from Vader's grasp, engages the Sith Lord. Kento, not surprisingly, loses the duel and is then killed by a force choke from Vader, during the battle however, it becomes apparent that the young son is powerful in the ways of the force. Now in Vader's hands, the young boy is taught in the ways of the Sith, is raised as Vader's secret apprentice, sent on dangerous missions by his dark master in order to test his abilities, and given the codename of 'Starkiller'.

The search for Kota

As Galen's first mission, he is sent out to the Nar Shaddaa shipyard to locate and kill an ex-Jedi General named Rahm Kota. Before taking off for his mission, Galen is introduced to his new pilot of the Rogue Shadow: Juno Eclipse. The two, along with PROXY, took off for the shipyard, and ran into a space battle immediately after dropping out of hypserspace. Galen is dropped off within the TIE Fighter Construction Facility where Kota is hiding, and fights his way through Rebels and Stormtroopers alike. When Galen finally reached Kota, the two fought and Galen eventually emerged victorious, sending Kota hurtling towards the planet and leaving him for dead. Before returning to his master, Galen took Kota's lightsaber per Vader's demands.

Mission to Raxus Prime

After defeating Kota, Galen's next mission was to the junk-world of Raxus Prime. He fights through the hoards of Rodian scavengers and junk droids before he reached the tower of the maskeshift Jedi Temple Paratus constructed. The crazed Jedi Master, determined to protect the mannequins of fallen Jedi Masters, fights against Galen, who eventually defeats him.

The last of the Jedi Masters

Before they could confront the Emperor, Vader tells Galen that he must defeat someone more powerful than the other Jedi, Shaak Ti. On Felucia, she is training an army of Felucian Force-users. When she spots the Rogue Shadow, she tells her Zabrak Padawan Maris Brood to hide while she lures the assassin to the place of sacrifice, a giant Sarlacc's nest. But even her strength and communion with the Sarlacc are no match for Galen. Before she dies, Shaak Ti warns him that the Sith always betray one another.


Galen returns to the Executor, where he learns that the Emperor's fleet had arrived. But Vader had not lured him -- his spies had followed Galen from Raxus. Without warning, Vader stabs Galen in the chest as Palpatine tells him to kill his apprentice. After thrashing the powerful Dark Jedi around, despite his pleas that they could defeat him together, Vader throws Galen out the window. But his body was picked up by a droid.


Galen later wakes up on Vader's science vessel, the Empirical, having all his scars healed. Through PROXY, Vader tells Galen to distract the Emperor's spies by gathering the Empire's armies. After cutting his transmission, PROXY tells Galen that he had programmed the Empirical to crash into the nearby sun. Despite the holodroid's pleas, Galen saves Juno, who was imprisoned and branded a traitor.

Return to Nar Shaddaa

Remembering that Kota said he'd be in his future, Galen tracks him to the Nar Shaddaa bar, finding that because he blinded Kota, he is left a drunk. He urges the General to help him, as they escape the Imperials looking for him.

Contact on Kashyyyk

Kota said he had a contact who had been feeding him information on Imperial targets but he required to find something on Kashyyyk. Galen goes down to the planet, where he finds an old hut which seems vaguely familiar. He encounters a vision, in which his father said he never wanted this for him. Galen then rescue Princess Leia Organa, who was being kept prisoner by Captain Ozzik Sturn. She refuses to leave until the skyhook is destroyed.

Return to Felucia

Kota said that because he was of no use to Bail Organa, he went looking for Shaak Ti. Galen then returns to Felucia, where the Empire had been battling its inhabitants, who have turned to the dark side, and studying the Sarlacc. Galen is able to locate Bail, who was being held prisoner by Maris, who plans to use to buy leniency from the Empire. Galen defeated Maris and her pet bull rancor, holding her at his mercy. She pleads him to let her go, promising to turn her back on the dark side.

Back to Raxus

Bail says that to rally other dissidents, they need to show that the Empire is weak. Vader suggests destroyed the Star Destroyer construction yard over Raxus. But using the ore cannon, one of the Destroyers came crashing down through the atmosphere. Kota tells Galen to use the Force to bring the destroyer down safely.

The Corellian Treaty

On Corellia, Bail, Mon Mothma and Garm Bel Iblis gather to form a Rebellion to take down the Empire. But as soon as the Alliance is declared, the Empire strikes, capturing the Senators and Kota. Vader then reveals Galen as his apprentice and that he had never intended to kill Palpatine with him. He attempts to end his apprentice but PROXY, disguised as Obi-Wan Kenobi, saves him, at the cost of his life. Galen, whom Vader presumed dead, was picked up by Juno. He realizes that Vader only wanted to draw out the Empire's enemies.

Rescuing the Rebels

Through the Force and his knowledge that the rebels were going to be executed by Palpatine, Galen and Juno go to the Death Star to rescue Kota, Mon Mothma, Garm Bel Ilbis, and Bail Organa. After being discovered by Palpatine, Vader is sent to take care of Galen. They duel, leaving Vader injured and with damaged armor. Kota, after a failed attempt to attack the Emperor, is struck with Force lightning, and Galen intervenes. He defeats Palpatine in a duel, but decides not to kill him; Palpatine, as in his duel with Windu, is feigning defeat. To save the Alliance from Palpatine as they escape, Galen sacrifices himself. Later, the Alliance is formed formally, and they decide to use Galen's family crest as their symbol.

Alternative Dark Side Ending

After giving into his hatred and killing Vader, Palpatine offers Galen a chance to become his new apprentice -- once he kills Kota, who has already been seriously injured by Palpatine's force lightning. Galen approaches Kota, takes a deep breath, and prepares to deal the killing blow. Without warning, Palpatine draws his own lightsaber and attacks Galen. Galen has already betrayed his both his previous teachers, Palpatine does not wish to give Galen the opportunity to betray him as well. After overpowering Galen, Palpatine strikes him with Force lightning. The Rogue arrives on the scene in an attempt to rescue Galen, but Palpatine destroys it, then pummels Galen with scrap metal.

Galen awakens in a laborabory, having been turned into a cybernetic monstrosity. His will finally broken, he is told that he will be little more than a placeholder until Palpatine can find a true apprentice.


The music was composed by Mark Griskey, who also scored Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.[8] It was recorded at Skywalker Sound on September 23 and 24[8] and was released as a promotional album available for listening here.

When asked in an interview about whether or not he thought the soundtrack would be released for sales, Griskey replied, "I can always be hopeful! I don't have much control there. That's really up to the legal and PR folks to decide."[9]

Voice cast

Secrets of Star Wars 07


In 2006, let Hyperspace members have a sneak peek at Star Wars: The Force Unleashed in a weekly feature entitled "Secrets of Star Wars 07."

  • 1. Force Repulse - "The first concept image from the biggest Star Wars entertainment event of 2007."
  • 2. That's Gotta Hurt - "Durasteel walls and marble pillars are no match for the power of the Force."
  • 3. Through the Fog - "The skies of this historically tranquil planet are once again filled with gigantic war ships."
  • 4. World On Fire - "Imperial and Wookiee forces collide on Kashyyyk."
  • 5. Lost and Found - "On a world where much comes to vanish, a lone figure stands up to be noticed."
  • 6. Branching Out - "There's more of the Wookiee home world waiting to be explored."
  • 7. Wear and Tear - "Not exactly a scenic spot that would make its way into a galactic travel brochure."
  • 8. The Bigger They Are... - "Only different in your mind, my young apprentice..."
  • 9. Worlds Apart - "A galaxy awaits the next storm..."
  • 10. Greatly Exaggerated - "Reports of some demises turned out to be inaccurate..."
  • 11. You Can Never Go Back - "Some things are best left in the past."
  • 12. Under Protection - "The skies of Felucia are much safer now under the vigilant eyes of the Galactic Empire."
  • 13. Postcards from the Core - "These location studies show unfamiliar angles of a familiar home world."
  • 14. Maelstrom - "It was a storm... there was no other word to describe it. It was like a sick joke, since we were supposed to be the stormtroopers..."
  • 15. No Way But Up - "Sometimes, you can never have enough manpower to surround a Jedi."
  • 16. Droid Profiling - "An assortment of head designs to determine the look of what promises to be a memorable droid character."
  • 17. Jaws of the Sepulchre - "Some think them no more than mindless animals, but it clear that they know, respect and fear death."
  • 18. The Claw - "Some droids can't help being so grabby."
  • 19. New Boys in White - "An uncertain era produces a number of specialized Imperial forces."
  • 20. Crawling in Style - "These Jawas have used their innate mechanical skills to truly trick out their treaded ride."
  • 21. Grim Trophies - "As hobbies go, this one's hardly Jedi Code-approved."
  • 22. Camp Jawa - "There's plenty of bargains to be had, but show up early; the good stuff gets picked over quickly."
  • 23. Black and White - "Occasionally, moral dilemmas are this clear cut."
  • 24. Organic Pad - "A vessel of intriguing design touches down on a wholly natural landing pad on the overgrown plains of Felucia."
  • 25. Night on the Town - "The times may be dark, but the neon distractions help a bit."
  • 26. The Works - "Despite hazard signs cautioning about the dangers of heavy gas processing equipment, you just know an action scene is going to find its way into here."
  • 27. Speed Mode - "This souped up transport has the mode to fit the mission."
  • 28. In the Shadows - "Black is the new red."
  • 29. Tubed - "Botany fans, rejoice... these adventures allow you to really get into Felucian plant life [sic]."
  • 30. Running the Trench - "Though a work in progress, this backdrop is complete enough to contain a lot of action and excitement."


As revealed at Celebration Europe, LucasArts is currently planning the next installment of The Force Unleashed storyline as well as other sequels.

"All these characters are going into the continuity, they’ll all be canon, and they’re all part of the Star Wars galaxy. So I can imagine that there will be other follow-ups with those characters. We’re already starting to toss around ideas about the next storyline and how some of these characters can resurface and have major roles in a sequel."
―Haden Blackman

Official trailers

The first official trailer premiered on Entertainment Tonight and was featured exclusively (7/12/07) on the official home for Star Wars on Yahoo!, featuring an amazing view of what's to come as far as gameplay and story line. The trailer later appeared on the game's official website.

This all-new story revisits characters and locations that fans are familiar with, but also introduces new ones that add more rich depth to the Star Wars canon. Players will meet Maris Brood, an apprentice of fan favorite Shaak Ti, and come face-to-face with General Kota, a grizzled veteran who has much to teach. They'll also set foot on Raxus Prime and see Felucia, a planet only touched upon in Episode III (also featured in Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption and Star Wars: Battlefront II), up close and personal.

There were previews on SpikeTV during April.

  • 1. Play as Darth Vader
  • 2. Amped up Force powers
  • 3. Epic Battles
  • 4. Wii Duel mode

Platform differences

  • The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are essentially the same. They both feature Ronin, a set of three high-end graphics engines whose top visual qualities can only be captured on these two platforms. It should be noted that while the Wii and PS2 versions will also feature Ronin-like engines, they will be of lower standards.[source?]
    • Havok – A system also used in the famous Halo series; it allows the game to know the dimensions of objects and how they would work against each other.
    • Euphoria – developed by Natural Motion, it gives each character a realistic sense of awareness and responsiveness, meaning no two reactions are exactly the same (albeit some can be quite similar).
    • Digital Molecular Matter, or DMM – developed by Pixelux. DMM allows for all in-game objects and materials to react realistically; as they would in the real world. For example, metal can bend and dent, and wood can snap.
  • The Wii, PS2, and PSP versions are being made by Australian game company Krome Studios, but each version is slightly different. They will all have characters and locations not featured on the other consoles, such as a bar on Nar Shaddaa and the ruins of the Jedi Temple.
  • The Wii's control scheme allows players to "wield" a lightsaber with the Wii Remote and use Force powers by moving the Nunchuk. The game also features a two-player duel mode with nine arenas and 27 characters to choose from.
  • The physics engine featured in the PS2 means that rag-doll effects, enemies flying across the screen, and destructible environments can be more prominent in the game.
  • The PSP version will feature three quick play modes – Order 66, Force Duel, and Historic Missions – but it is unclear if the game will support three or four players in Ad Hoc mode, as several official sources conflict.[source?]
  • The DS version is being made by n-space and features a touch-screen combo system and a four-player death match mode.
  • The iPhone version is being developed by THQ. This version is controlled by pre-determined movements on the touch screen that must match what is shown for successful attacks with the Force. The playable character moves to areas on his own while the player simply has to destroy the obstacles in the way, enemies and non-organic alike.



ShaakTi tfu

Shaak Ti.


Droid models



File:Jedi Temple SWFU (2).JPG

Force powers


Organizations and titles

Sentient species

Vehicles and vessels


"The skies of this historically tranquil planet are once again filled with gigantic warships." -Hyperspace

Weapons and technology


Behind the scenes

Alternate dark side ending

Instead of saving Kota, Galen defeats Vader, fatally stabbing him, to replace him at Palpatine's side. His final test is to strike down the incapacitated Kota, but he instead attempts to kill the Emperor, who has anticipated his attack and blocks it. Palpatine defeats Galen easily, but saves his life. The final scene shows Galen in a suit similar to Vader's, on a table, as in the end of Episode 3. Like Vader was, he is now a tool of the Emperor.



The Secret Apprentice dueling Kazdan Paratus.

From interviews, demos, and concept art, the following can be gleaned:

  • Haden Blackman is writing the story, which involves "delv[ing] deeper into Darth Vader's history."[source?]
  • Steve Sansweet confirmed that it will take place between Episode III and Episode IV, will feature both established and new characters, and its story "has some incredible revelations."[source?]
  • There will be at least 18 stages in the game according to the May issue of
  • The demo shows a Star Destroyer in the sky over Felucia, although it was possibly only used to show off the graphics engine as opposed to reveal any plot.
  • The first piece of leaked concept art shows Vader, AT-STs, and an AT-AT fighting Wookiees on Kashyyyk.
  • A second piece of leaked concept art shows Vader looking over a group of four people, presumably mercenaries: a Gand, a Human woman with a vibrostaff, a masked Human or humanoid male, and a droid that resembles a cross between Grievous and HK-47.
  • Another leaked concept art shows a hooded figure with blue lightsaber standing in front of what appears to be the crashed Star Destroyer, with spider-like droids approaching. The artist appears to have labeled the picture as "Raxus Prime."
  • A fourth leaked concept art shows Maris Brood, a female Zabrak, holding two green guard shotos.
  • A "Force Power Pre-Viz" video can be found on Star Wars: Hyperspace and also on IGN. While not actually using gameplay footage, it shows a Jedi fighting stormtroopers in several locations, apparently including Aldera on Alderaan, an analysis room in the Jedi Temple, and the war-torn planet surface of Raxus Prime. This video also shows several stormtroopers wielding electrostaffs.
JunoEclipse bg

Juno Eclipse.

  • In an interview released exclusively by IGN, Haden Blackman reveals more about the upcoming Star Wars game.
  • Based on the announcement of an action figure wave revolving around the content of the game, and an article in the March issue of Game Informer it is known that it will feature characters such as Maris Brood, General Rahm Kota, an elder Human "Samurai" Jedi with a blue lightsaber, and Juno Eclipse, a blonde Human female Imperial officer. The figures include a battle-damaged Darth Vader, Palpatine wearing a robe with alternating dark and light brown deco using Force lightning, an Imperial Guardsman wearing armor resembling Carnor Jax and armed with a red lightsaber, referred to by Hasbro toy catalogue and computer databases as an Emperor's Shadow Guard, a younger Human male Jedi with a blue lightsaber, and stormtroopers wearing armor that resembles a cross between phase II clone trooper armor and stormtrooper armor. One is referred to as a Heavy Stormtrooper.
  • The March 07 issue of Game Informer features the unveiling of this game and confirms the title. It also confirms that Shaak Ti, in control of rancors, will be one of the game's bosses.
  • Force powers in this game are said to be "over the top."[source?] When players Force push an enemy, they will react as if a cannonball hit them in the gut. As for Force Usage, there will be a bar, but it will constantly regenerate. Some powers have unlimited uses such as Push, but more advanced powers such as Repulsion will take a couple of seconds to recharge.[source?] The control scheme will be akin to the game Psi Ops.
  • In addition to toys, a companion book and a comic have been released. Although the game will have multiple endings, the book and comic will follow the sole canonical ending.
  • An unknown figure in Mandalorian armor can be seen flying through a window in one of the web docs.
  • When the game is finished, it is estimated to feature over 1,000 new special effects.
  • Transferring the game to the PlayStation 3 version was the reason that the game was delayed.[21]

Game technology

The Force Unleashed uses 'Ronin', a game engine developed by LucasArts. It integrates the physics engines Havok, euphoria, and Digital Molecular Matter.


The use of euphoria, from NaturalMotion, will give characters advanced bio-mechanical AI, allowing characters to realistically respond to changes in the environment.

"Well, you probably Force pushed a stormtrooper or two as Kyle Katarn in a Jedi Knight game, right? Imagine if that stormtrooper was able to stop his progress by grabbing onto a railing and then proceeded to grab a gun beside him and fire back at Kyle—all this because his biomechanical AI simply knew that that's the best thing for him to do. That's euphoria in action."
―Haden Blackman

Digital Molecular Matter


Snapshot from the Force pre-visualization video.

DMM creates truly interactive environments that behave as they do in real life. Materials in games usually break in predetermined ways. DMM calculates the breakpoint in real-time. It simulates what would happen to a material when broken, shattered, cut into two, snapped, splintered, pushed, squeezed, etc. It is exclusive to LucasArts until September 2008.

"Now, imagine that Kyle pushes another stormtrooper into a building with so much force that you'd expect the stormtrooper to make a permanent dent in the wall. That happens with DMM, and no matter how many times you throw that stormtrooper into that wall, it will look different every single time, and still always look authentic. In fact, if you hit him hard enough and the building is dilapidated enough, the whole thing might collapse on the stormtrooper, because DMM also takes into account the actual physical mass of an object and the ways in which objects are constructed. Even with euphoria in place, there's no getting up from that!"
―Haden Blackman

Industrial Light & Magic

ILM is partnering with LucasArts to deliver movie-quality special effects in real-time for the game.

"In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, the team is striving to raise the bar to deliver movie-quality effects. As much as possible, we want gamers to feel as if they are living the adventure unfolding before their controller, and with the added processing power of the next-gen platforms it is now possible to bring movie-quality effects and lighting to games. One of the advantages that we have at LucasArts is that we're a part of the same company, Lucasfilm, which owns Industrial Light and Magic (just in case you didn't already know). And for the first time in the histories of the two companies, LucasArts and ILM are teaming up to co-develop tools that will enable Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to feature polished effects, the likes of which have only been hinted at in previous games."
―Brett Rector


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