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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is the follow up to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and was announced at the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards on December 12, 2009.[6] The story still takes place between Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, six months after the first Force Unleashed video game. The story follows the life of Starkiller, a clone of Galen Marek, and his quest to break free of Darth Vader's influence.

Opening crawl

The galaxy is on the brink
of civil war. Inspired by the
sacrifice of DARTH VADER's
secret apprentice, a ragtag
rebel alliance plots to overthrow

Imperial forces in relentless
pursuit of the Rebels have
captured the Jedi Knight
RAHM KOTA. Its general lost,
the Alliance fleet has vanished.

While the Empire searches for
the Rebels, Darth Vader
has put a dark plan in motion
that will bring an end to
his apprentice's legacy....


Escape from Kamino

"Then it is as I feared..."
"Why is this happening to me?"
"The accelerated cloning process is still... imperfect. Those who came before you went mad within months. I believed you would be the first success, but it seems you are to suffer the same fate."
"What will you do with me?"
―Darth Vader tells Starkiller of the clones that came before him[src]

Starkiller escaping from Timira City

In 1 BBY,[5] Darth Vader's TIE fighter approaches the planet Kamino. Vader enters a large room, with a large, round cell set into the floor. A young man is inside, and is informed that he has been left alone for thirteen days, as an endurance test. The clone is suffering from visions, including a forest burning, and a woman's voice in his head. Vader informs him that they are but memories of a dead man, and that they would fade in time. Telling him that his objective is to kill Starkiller's old Jedi mentor, Vader presents him with two identical red-bladed lightsabers, and instructs him to cut down several training droids, which assume the identities of Rebel soldiers and a mysterious woman. The new Starkiller cuts down all the soldiers, yet realizes that the woman is none other than Juno Eclipse, the original Starkiller's old pilot and love interest. He is unable to kill her, prompting Vader to step in. Cutting the last droid down, Vader tells Starkiller that the accelerated cloning process used to create him is imperfect. All previous clones had gone mad within months. Vader states that he had expected this Starkiller to be the first success, but it seemed that this clone was going to suffer the same fate. After questioning what Vader was going to do with him, Starkiller sees another vision—Vader stabbing his past self in front of the Emperor.[1]

Blasting Vader with Force lightning, Starkiller destroys a portion of the wall, allowing him to escape. However, he is faced with a huge drop, which is filled with perils such as lighting towers, platforms and TIE fighters. Blasting all of them out of his way, Starkiller crashes through a glass roof to another part of the facility. He begins to carve his way through various Imperial troops: Riot troopers, stormtroopers, two Carbonite War droids and jumptroopers. After avoiding an Imperial dropship, Starkiller comes to a large tower, which he knocks down by throwing several TIE fighters at it. The tower crushes one of three AT-STs guarding his master's starfighter. Destroying the remaining two, Starkiller steals the fighter, just as Vader blasts his way to the landing platform. Vader watches as his fighter soars away into space.[1]

Cato Neimoidia and Rahm Kota

"By the Force... I knew you were alive..."
―Rahm Kota[src]

Kota fighting in the arena

Meanwhile, on Cato Neimoidia, a Massiff prepares to charge at a competitor in an arena. As it charges, it is cut down mid-leap by the competitor, who is revealed to be the original Starkiller's mentor, the Rebel and Jedi General Rahm Kota. After striking down a Feeorin Gladiator, Kota shouts up to an observation canopy, informing a "Baron" that he was "running out of executioners." The Baron, Merillion Tarko, requests that they "try the Corellian slice hounds." He is informed by one of his Neimoidian aides that Vader's ship is approaching. Tarko, under the impression that Vader himself is coming, requests a squad of stormtroopers to be assembled in the hangar.[1]

However, it was not Vader that had arrived, but Starkiller. Tarko, immediately suspicious of the young man, asks him for the sector's security codes. After Starkiller fails to give the codes, Tarko orders the troopers to attack him. Starkiller easily kills the troopers, yet Tarko flees back to the immediate safety of the city. Starkiller proceeds to enter the city after destroying an AT-MP and two Imperial Sith Acolytes. Starkiller kills many more Imperial forces on the way, but he is attacked by one of Tarko's Nemesis-class gunships, which promptly destroys a bridge, killing Imperials and destroying buildings relentlessly. Starkiller evades the ship, but it would not be the last time he would face the gunship. After entering a gambling hall, filled with many game machines, he comes across several Carbonite War Droids in the lower levels, which had seemingly frozen many unfortunate Neimoidian citizens. After going through another, smaller room with three game machines, the Nemesis attacks yet again, destroying the bridge Starkiller was standing on. Starkiller reaches a tram, and utilizes it as a passage to the Eastern Arch. He is forced to destroy many TIE Fighters in order to save the tram, but the Nemesis catches up, firing its hellcaster cannon and several missiles. While unable to deflect the laser blasts, Starkiller redirects the missiles back at the ship, eventually forcing it to flee. The tram has suffered too much damage, however, and it plunges off its power supply line, with Starkiller only just managing to leap off it to reach a platform.[1]

Starkiller facing the Gorog

After destroying several more Imperials, Starkiller finally reaches his goal: the Arena. Before he can enter it, however, the bridge he is standing on is partially destroyed: Another Nemesis corners him. Starkiller manages to crush its engines, destroying it. He uses it to leap across to the other side of the destroyed bridge, and into the arena's ventilation shaft. He uses a lift to access a gateway into the arena. He enters, finds Kota, and tells him that he "can sit this one out." Kota is overjoyed to find Starkiller seemingly alive. Tarko, on the other hand, is enraged, and tells his aide to "send out the Gorog." His aide panics, informing Tarko that the restraints of the arena have not been properly tested. Tarko insists that the Gorog gate be opened. A rancor enters the arena. Starkiller ignites one of his lightsabers, and looks smugly at the rancor. Before the rancor can attack, however, an immense hand emerges from the floor, crushes the rancor, and pulls it below. Then, the same arm emerges, pulling with it an immense creature: The Gorog.[1]

Starkiller is forced to damage the creature's manacles, and push them into chains hanging on the walls. Once this is done, he grips the creature's neck chain, and pulls it towards the floor, slamming it down twice. This seems to be the only way of greatly damaging the beast. The Gorog pulls its hands free, and Starkiller has to repeat the process. He then leaps at the Gorog, slicing off a metal plate on its forehead. He stabs at a gash that was hidden behind the plate. The Gorog, now fully enraged, pulls its left wrist free, completely shattering the manacle. It flings Starkiller on to the arena's side wall, pulls its other wrist free, and climbs the arena. Kota, who had gone after Tarko, suggests destroying the arena's supports. Starkiller realizes this would bring down the whole structure, but does it anyway. Just before the arena gives way, he proceeds towards Tarko's observation box. Kota is already dueling Tarko and three stormtroopers. The Gorog punches its way into the box, still seeking to kill Starkiller. Tarko is promptly eaten, yet Kota is trapped in the beast's grip. He is pulled down with it when the arena gives way. As Kota is the only one who knows where Juno is, Starkiller dives after him, dodging debris on his way down. Unable to kill the Gorog, or at least harm it in such as way that it would relent its grip on the suffocating Kota, Starkiller uses the Force to charge towards the Gorog at an insurmountable speed, punching a hole through the Gorog's chest with his own body. The Gorog finally lets Kota go. Kota chides Starkiller's lack of an escape, yet he shows he has his own escape: The Rogue Shadow plummets towards the two men, rescuing them, just as the Gorog and the rest of the arena fall to the bottom of the chasm.[1]

Starkiller, assuming Eclipse to be at the helm, barged into the bridge, yet discovered that she was not there. Kota then revealed that Eclipse's ship was out of his reach, and they had lost contact. He then suggested that Starkiller create a major diversion in order to rally the troops. Starkiller interjected, revealing that he was a clone, grown in a vat to take Marek's place. Kota laughed at this, stating that it was impossible to clone Jedi. When Starkiller revealed that he had come from Kamino, Kota requested information on the cloning facilities for a major strike. Starkiller refused, and said that he needed a place to meditate. Kota snapped at him, yet inadvertently inspired Starkiller to visit Dagobah. After dropping Kota off at Malastare, Starkiller traveled to Dagobah.[1]

Deal with a bounty hunter

"He has a healthy head start."
―Boba Fett[src]

Meanwhile, on Kamino, Boba Fett was examining the damage caused by Starkiller's escape. Vader, who is also in the room, orders Fett to find "the woman" (Juno Eclipse), and to bring her to him, knowing that Starkiller would follow her. Fett requested a squadron of stormtroopers from Vader, stating they would not return. Vader instead offered him some Terror Troopers, and an enormous four-legged walker. Fett looked at them, then stated that "they'll do."[1]

The Cave

Starkiller meets Yoda at the entrance of the Dark Side Cave.

"Brought you here, the galaxy has. Your path clearly this is."
―Yoda, to Starkiller[src]

Starkiller proceeded to Dagobah and found a small, green being outside the entrance to a cave. Starkiller thought this being to be a guardian, yet the individual revealed himself to be nothing more than a watcher. He suggested that Starkiller was looking for something lost, "a part of [himself], perhaps." After being told that the thing he had lost was inside the cave, Starkiller entered, his TIE Fighter garb changing to more traditional Jedi robes as he did so. Inside, he encountered several clones of himself, entangled in vines. A little way on, Starkiller saw Juno standing in a fog, which turned into a bridge of a ship. Starkiller saw Juno get attacked, and called out to her. She limped towards him, but then faded, as did the rest of the vision.[1]

The Salvation

"Stay on guard. A powerful glimpse of the future like you experienced is rarely wrong. And if it comes to pass, you'll be glad you picked me up on Malastare."
―Rahm Kota[src]

Starkiller and Rahm Kota approach the Salvation on board the Rogue Shadow.

Starkiller collected Kota from Malastare, and Kota revealed that the types of glimpses into the future that Starkiller experienced were hardly ever wrong. After finding and boarding the Salvation near the Itani Nebula,[1] Kota and Starkiller made their way towards the bridge. Along the way, Starkiller was informed by Kota that it didn't matter whether he was a clone or not. Starkiller then gave Kota an encrypted code cylinder, with the coordinates for Kamino, and schematics of the secret cloning facilities. At that moment, the Salvation comes under attack. Kota and Starkiller entered the bridge, where they find a battered, yet still functional, PROXY, who is missing his right photoreceptor and arm. Starkiller tells Kota to order the attack, and just before he heads off, PROXY warns him of Boba Fett being on board.[1]

Starkiller encounters several small spider-like robots and Terror Troopers on his way towards a scientific room, where he finds Juno unconscious. His way through blocked, Starkiller tries to find another way through, encountering yet more Terror Droids and Troopers. He accesses the scientific room, only to find that Boba Fett is taking Juno away. Just before she exits the room, Juno sees Starkiller. He blasts his way through, and after fighting yet more droids, he sees an entire corridor melted by an unseen creature. The damage appears too great to be done by the small Terror Droids, and similar damage is throughout the ship. It serves as an excellent guide for Starkiller, and he accesses the engine room, where he encounters a large, terror-trooper like droid, which he easily defeats. After this he accesses the hangar, where he witnesses Boba Fett's Slave I leave, taking Juno with it. He threatens leaving Kota behind if he doesn't order the attack on Kamino, but Kota has already ordered the attack. They agree that Vader probably wasn't expecting the entire Rebel fleet converging on Kamino.[1]

Starkiller then notices the source of the tremendous melting damage—the enormous Terror Walker. He pursues it, and deactivates its shields by causing an energy burst from a nearby reactor. The walker manages to offline the reactor, powering its shields once more. Starkiller brings the reactor back online, off-lining the shields again. After causing more damage, Starkiller leaps atop the machine's "head," and walks it into the reactor. His plan works, and the walker is fried—its body serving as a step to get him out of the reactor room and back towards the hangar.[1]

Assault on Kamino

"Head to the Rogue Shadow. I'm pretty sure those shields can't take a direct hit from a cruiser."
―Starkiller to Kota during the battle[src]

Kota orders the assault to continue, despite heavy losses.

The Salvation then arrives above Kamino, where it becomes apparent that the Imperial fleet was expecting them—the Rebellion suffers major casualties. Five boarding pods deploy Imperial troops onto the Salvation. Starkiller kills the invading Imperials, which includes two AT-STs and three AT-MPs. After clearing the hangar of the boarding pods, several Y-wings are able to launch. Starkiller then progresses back the way he came, going through the drive core, clearing Imperials out of the engine room, and accessing the gunnery area. A lucky shot from a nearby Imperial I-class Star Destroyer renders the Salvation's main gun offline. Starkiller uses the Force to power the main gun, firing at the Star Destroyer with a shot so powerful, it cleaves it in half. From there, he proceeds to the bridge, where Kota orders the fleet to keep up the assault, despite numerous casualties. After informing Starkiller that Kamino's planetary shield is preventing any ground assault, Starkiller tells him that the shield will not survive a direct hit from a cruiser, and also advises him to get to the Rogue Shadow. Kota takes the advice, but not before ordering everyone to abandon ship. Starkiller uses the Force to clear debris out of the way during the ship's descent. Before the ship hits Timira City, Starkiller bails out, and watches the ship hit the city.[1]

Plunging into the city, Starkiller comes across Imperial walkers and Incinerator war droids. He aids Kota's troopers several times, who in turn assist Starkiller by capturing the security center and deactivating security screens. An Imperial bombing run takes out a nearby bridge, but Kota and Starkiller were able to reform it, allowing the two Jedi to meet up. Kota said that the upper levels had been sealed off, though Starkiller went up there anyhow. Kota, unable to bear the conflict of Starkiller going to face Vader alone, risking his life for Juno's, begs Starkiller to rethink his actions, and to leave Juno behind. He also requests Starkiller join the Alliance. Starkiller, however, informs the General that he cannot join the rebellion, as he loves Juno.[1]

As Starkiller progresses up the main tower, he came across thousands of cloning platforms, each of them containing dozens of clones of himself. Realizing that Vader has cloned an army, he informed Kota of this fact. Starkiller leaps across several of these platforms, fighting faulty clones of himself as he moved towards the top of the spire. He came across fierce resistance in the form of Saber Guards and Sith Acolytes. He asks Kota if he thought that the original Starkiller was within the facility, yet Kota again stated his belief that Jedi cannot be cloned.[1]

Confrontation with Vader

"Where is she?!"
―Starkiller to Vader[src]

Master and apprentice face off.

Starkiller finally reaches the top of the spire, yet when he does, he finds himself plagued by anxiety, fear, hatred and love. He is unable to run, only walk through this self-inflicted nightmare. Kota desperately begs Starkiller to join the alliance, as his lines of communication are slowly being cut due to Starkiller being out of range, which only irritates Starkiller further, ultimately resulting in Starkiller angrily firming his resolve, with the implication that he was regretting saving Kota in the first place.

His anxiety, magnified greatly by the Force, crushes nearby equipment. Visions of Vader attack him out of nowhere, although he repels them, and voices of Juno and Kota echo around him, Juno labeling him a "monster" and a "thing," while Kota brands him "Vader's puppet—just a body filled with the memories of a dead man."[1]

Finally overcoming the visions, Starkiller enters a large cloning chamber, and sees Vader standing on a cloning platform, where the clones in this area are fully grown. Vader and Starkiller duel, with Vader unleashing the clones on Starkiller. One group of clones could only wield lightsabers, while another group could wield Force powers, and were therefore able to deflect Starkiller's own Force attacks. The clones, however, are not mentally stable, which Starkiller uses to his advantage, mind tricking many of them into attacking Vader. Numerous times, Vader throws cloning pods, and even platforms at Starkiller. Throughout his duel, Starkiller sees visions of his (and his template's) past. As the duel progresses, Starkiller and Vader lock blades just as the clone receives another vision, this time of the future: a vision of him cradling Juno's body, saying that he "should have stayed here." Vader uses this distraction to break the blade lock, and push Starkiller away. He then hops onto one of the floating droids in the facility, and floats up to the room where he is keeping Juno, Starkiller following right after.[1]

Arriving in front of Vader, Starkiller demands to know Juno's location. Vader steps aside, and reveals her. Gripping Juno by the throat, using the Force, Vader orders Starkiller to bow before him, else Juno dies. Starkiller obeys, dropping his lightsabers. Juno is set down by Vader, and unseen by both Vader and Starkiller, crawls towards one of the discarded sabers. Vader orders Starkiller to execute Kota, give himself to the dark side, and execute the remaining rebel leaders. If he did not do any of these, then Juno would die. However, Juno ignites the saber she picked up and slashes at Vader, but he dodges the attack and she is thrown through a window by him, landing on an electrified platform, seemingly dying. Starkiller, believing this has killed Juno, lets out a feral scream and charges Vader, summoning back his lightsabers. They engage in a brief lock before Vader grips and throws Starkiller as well, although he makes a perfect landing. Vader jumps down after him.[1]

The final battle

"I will kill you!"
―Starkiller in a rage[src]

Starkiller spares Vader and the Dark Lord is captured.

The two of them engage in another duel, with Vader attempting to convince the clone that Juno and Starkiller's connection to her are both meaningless. Starkiller is inconsolable, however, screaming that he will kill Vader. During the duel, Starkiller electrifies Vader several times by pushing him against the electrical pylons surrounding the area. Vader at last disarms the clone and throws him from the platform where the duel was taking place. Starkiller grabs onto the edge of the platform, and Vader attempts to dislodge him by throwing his lightsaber at him repeatedly. Starkiller manages to catch the lightsaber on its fourth throw and tosses it back at Vader, severing the Dark Lord's right hand. The injury, however, only momentarily distracts Vader, who, after missing Starkiller with a backhand punch, Force pushes him across the platform and attempts to crush him with one of the pylons. Starkiller barely holds it off himself, and raises another pylon from the platform. Vader glances over at the second pylon, and Starkiller uses the distraction to toss the first pylon off himself. Using the Force, he causes the remaining pylons to release a huge amount of electricity, which he then absorbs and uses to blast an incredible amount of Force lightning at Vader, finally subduing him. Starkiller stands before Vader, intent on killing him, accusing him of taking everything from him. Vader calmly reiterates that the clone's feelings for Juno were not real. Starkiller reiterates that the feelings were real—to him. At that moment, Kota and several Rebel troops arrive, stopping him from immediately killing Vader. Kota wants to arrest him, and put him on trial for crimes against the true Republic. He also mentions that Vader is the only one who knows if the original Starkiller survived.[1]

Reunited: Light Side Ending

"We're alive."
―Juno upon awakening and kissing Starkiller[src]

Starkiller and Juno are finally reunited.

Starkiller spares Vader, and Kota requests that he be restrained.[1]

Starkiller runs to where PROXY is attempting to revive Juno, to little success. Starkiller cradles her body in his arms, and says that he should have stayed on Kamino, thus acting out his final vision. Juno, however, wakes, and kisses Starkiller.[1]

After affirming that they are still alive, the two kiss again. Later, Juno and Kota are having a discussion with Princess Leia Organa. Juno says that they are sending a dozen small freighters in all directions—if the Empire discovers that Vader has been captured, they won't know which ship to follow. Leia tells them that they should be proud, and that the Force is with them. Her image dissolves to reveal a still-damaged PROXY. All three walk towards the Rogue Shadow.[1]

A final conversation

"I let you live... You tell me I'm a clone, but I chose to spare you... Maybe Kota was right, and this was all a trick. A way to get me so confused I'd forget who I am and become your slave again... But either way, I...let...you...live. I've finally broken your hold over me."
"As long as she lives, I will always control you."
―Starkiller and Vader's final conversation[src]

Inside, Starkiller enters Vader's prison room. Vader is restrained on a metal table, with several large, heavy bolt fixing him to it. Starkiller tells him that, despite Vader telling him that he is a clone, he chose to spare Vader—he has finally broken Vader's hold over him. Vader says nothing to that. As he leaves, Vader tells him that as long as Juno lives, he will always control Starkiller. Starkiller pauses, but brushes off the remark, and returns to Juno in the cockpit. They share a sentimental moment as Juno says "prepare for lightspeed," and the Rogue Shadow disappears into space.[1]

However, Boba Fett's ship, Slave I, detaches from the remains of a Star Destroyer, and follows the Rogue Shadow into hyperspace.[1]


Darth Vader takes a cloned Starkiller to various locations and subjects him to tests against a variety of Imperial forces.[7]

These locations may include Dagobah.[8]

Betrayed by rage: Dark Side Ending

Starkiller is killed by the Dark Apprentice.

"You have faced your final test."
"What is thy bidding, my Master?"
"Take his starfighter. Scour the far reaches of the galaxy. Find the last of the Rebels and destroy them."
"As you wish."
―Darth Vader and the Dark Apprentice[src]

The Dark Apprentice, the only perfect clone of the original Starkiller

Ignoring Kota's pleas to take Darth Vader alive as a prisoner for the Rebellion, Starkiller gives into his anger and hatred. As he moves to strike down his former Master, a red-bladed lightsaber emerges from the center of his torso. Shocked and overcome by agonizing pain, Starkiller drops his lightsabers and falls to the ground in front of Vader. With Starkiller down and mortally wounded, his attacker de-cloaks, thus revealing that he had been secretly watching the duel the entire time. Rahm Kota activates his lightsaber and tries to kill Vader's savior, but his attempts are in vain. The dark assassin skillfully blocks all of Kota's attacks and slashes the general across the chest with one swift strike. While Terror Troopers dispatch Kota's Rebel soldiers and PROXY, the assassin grabs Kota with the Force and throws him into the remaining Rebels. With a powerful Force push, he sends Kota and his men into the vast ocean of Kamino to their presumed deaths.[1]

As Starkiller struggles to move, despite his fatal wound, Darth Vader slowly walks over to the dying clone and reveals that he had lied about failing to perfect the accelerated cloning process. At that moment, the mysterious assassin makes his way over to Vader's side and lowers his hood to reveal his identity. As Starkiller looks at the face of the man who killed him, he saw that it was his face, only pale and visibly corrupted by the dark side. The assassin reveals himself to be a fellow clone of Darth Vader's fallen apprentice, the only perfect clone amongst many failures, including Starkiller. After gazing at the fallen form of Juno Eclipse for the last time, the imperfect clone despairs and dies. As the dark clone awaits his new orders, Vader commends him for completing his final test and then commands him to take the Rogue Shadow in order to search the galaxy for the last of the Rebel leaders—and to kill them. As the Dark Apprentice turns to leave, he takes a moment to stare at the dead body of the woman who loved his genetic template. Having rid himself of the original Starkiller's emotions, the dark clone walks past Juno's body, feeling nothing but hate and disgust. With a small TIE fighter escort, the Rogue Shadow moves through the debris left behind in the space battle above Kamino and enters hyperspace.[1]

Distant Thunder

Darth Vader reveals the dead body of the original Starkiller to the Dark Apprentice.

"Do you understand what this is? What this means?"
"Yes, my Master."
"Good. Very good. You have come far. You may yet survive."
―Darth Vader and the Dark Apprentice[src]

The only perfect clone of Starkiller assumes his rightful place as Darth Vader's Dark Apprentice.

The creation and development of the Dark Apprentice is revealed through a short series of cinematics known as Distant Thunder. As seen with the player character, the dark clone was subjected to a similar training regimen to test the skills he inherited from the original Starkiller, Galen Marek. Like the other clones who preceded him, the apprentice was haunted by visions of his progenitor's life. His initial confusion caused something of an identity crisis, at least to the point where he wondered if Marek's memories were his own. Although he remained committed to completing his training and succeeding where the other clones failed, he was still curious about how many clones preceded him and what his genetic template was like as a person. Vader disregarded the clone's curiosity as irrelevant; all that mattered was if any more clones would be created. As for Marek, Vader regarded his former apprentice as a weak and broken man who was surpassed in power by the dark clone.[1]

As Marek's dark clone progressed through his training, he continued to impress his Master while learning to overcome the memories of his progenitor—the same problem that undermined all of the other clones, as pointed out by Vader. After finally freeing himself from the influence of Marek's memories, Vader rewarded him by revealing the truth that the dark clone already knew—that he was a clone of a dead man. To that end, Vader brought the clone to a chamber that contained the preserved corpse of Galen Marek, the progenitor of all the Starkiller clones. The clone, having accepted his purpose and the truth of his identity, fully dedicated himself to becoming what his progenitor and "brothers" could not be—the perfect Sith apprentice of Darth Vader. His training came full circle when he struck down a Sith training droid disguised as Juno Eclipse, thus having rid himself of Marek's feelings for the former Imperial Captain. Near the end of his trials, the clone had grown to despise Galen Marek for his weaknesses, and thus developed a sense of pride for overcoming Marek's failings. By proving himself as the only perfect clone of the original Starkiller, the clone had become the Dark Apprentice of Darth Vader.[1]

Before the Battle of Kamino, Vader commanded his new disciple to not interfere in his fight with the other clone, known as "Starkiller," unless he was needed. But Starkiller chose to spare Vader's life rather than kill him, thus not necessitating the Dark Apprentice's immediate intervention in the duel.[1]

The Battle of Endor (DLC)

The Battle of Endor
The Rebellion is on the brink of
destruction. Mounting a desperate
attack on the second DEATH
STAR, the Rebels hope to restore
freedom to the Galaxy.

While the battle rages in space,
a small band of Rebels land
on the Forest Moon of ENDOR
to assault the shield generator
protecting the battle station.

Little do the Rebels know, Darth
Vader has dispatched his personal
assassin, a dark clone of Starkiller,
to finish the Rebellion once and
for all....

The fall of the Alliance

"The Rebels must be stopped before they can destroy the shield generator. Leave no survivors."
"Understood, my Master."
"There will be no one to stop us this time."
"Yes, my Master."
―Darth Vader and the Dark Apprentice[src]

In response to the threat posed by the Rebel Alliance during the Battle of Endor, the Dark Apprentice is ordered by Darth Vader to prevent the Rebels and their Ewok allies from destroying the Endor shield generator bunker so as to prevent any risk of the new Death Star's destruction. In order to preserve the secrecy of his existence, the Sith Lord instructs the clone to leave no survivors in the wake of his destruction, thus including Imperial troopers as targets as well. Upon landing the Rogue Shadow on Endor, the "reborn Starkiller" navigates his way through the forest-wide moon, killing dozens of Rebels and Ewoks alike. By the time he reaches the Imperial bunker, Han Solo and Chewbacca remain in front of the entrance to stall the Dark Apprentice while Princess Leia Organa and her commandos attempt to destroy the bunker from within.[9]

The Dark Apprentice fighting Chewbacca inside an AT-ST

Using a commandeered AT-ST Walker, Chewbacca tries to kill the clone with the aid of Solo and a group of Ewoks. Their efforts prove futile, however, as the Dark Apprentice kills the indigenous creatures and throws numerous explosive objects at the walker. Seeing the tide turning, Solo fires rockets at the clone, but the clone redirects the rockets into the walker, disabling it. After climbing aboard the Walker, the clone engages Chewbacca and easily overpowers the Wookiee. While the Dark Apprentice holds Chewbacca by the throat, Solo tries to save his friend by shooting the clone but instead accidentally kills Chewbacca, whom the clone uses as a body shield. Solo fires several more shots at the clone, only to watch as they are all effortlessly deflected by the clone's lightsaber. The Dark Apprentice then grips Solo through the Force and pulls him towards his lightsaber, thus impaling the former smuggler. With both Chewbacca and Solo dead, the clone enters the base to complete his mission.[9]

Inside the bunker, the Dark Apprentice arrives in time to see Rebel soldiers engaged in battle with Imperial troopers, who were committed to protecting the shield generator. Obeying Vader's orders to the letter, the clone kills all that stood in his path. He eventually encounters Organa, who retreated further into the bunker while her commandos attempt to buy her the time she needed to destroy the generator. But the Rebels fail and the clone pursues the Rebel princess until he finally encountered her at the core of the base. To his surprise, Organa removes her Rebel gear to reveal her Jedi robes and brandishes a yellow-bladed lightsaber, constructed in the same shape of Obi-Wan Kenobi's. According to Organa, her twin brother's presumed death at the Battle of Hoth necessitated her training as a Jedi Knight.[9]

Leia Organa prepares to face the Dark Apprentice.

Organa demonstrates remarkable skills in lightsaber combat and Force techniques while dueling her father's apprentice. Using the Force to enhance her strength, speed and agility, Organa was able to hold her own against the clone for a short while. But even Leia's training was not enough to enable her to overcome the raw power, experience, and superior skills of the Dark Apprentice. Organa, outmatched both physically and in the Force by the clone, tries to use the bunker's defenses to kill her opponent, only for that to fail as well. When the duel moves outside to the top of the bunker, Organa tries once more to defeat the Dark Apprentice with her lightsaber and Force powers, only to be pushed to the defensive as the clone counters her offense with a relentless assault of his own. The end of the duel, and the Rebel Alliance's last hope for victory, comes when the Dark Apprentice impales Organa with his lightsaber, thus killing the last offspring of Anakin Skywalker.[9]

On the Death Star, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader sense the defeat of the Rebels on Endor. With the bunker secured and the shield generator still active, any chance that the Rebel fleet had of destroying the battle station with the two Sith Lords on it was gone. After Palpatine declares that the end of the Alliance marks a new golden age of peace for the Galactic Empire, he reveals his awareness of his apprentice's latest act of treachery. True to his nature, Palpatine gloats about how he knew about Vader's attempts to clone the original Starkiller since the beginning of the secret project on Kamino. In a desperate attempt to rid himself of his master, Vader activates his lightsaber in order to strike down the Emperor. But Palpatine anticipates his apprentice's intention and counters with Force lightning, calling him Skywalker before doing so. Unable to bear the pain and the damage that the lightning causes to his armor's life-support systems, Vader quickly falls to his knees in submission. The Emperor then commands Captain Sarkli to take his forces to Endor and kill the clone, seeing no more use for him.[9]

As a group of Imperial Star Destroyers converges on the Dark Apprentice's location, the clone sits in meditation while Organa's corpse lays near him. As the vessels approach him, the apprentice opens his eyes with no trace of fear in them, as he prepares to deal with the latest threat to his and Vader's plans.[9]

Main characters


Starkiller was a powerful Force user.

Sam Witwer as Starkiller / Dark Apprentice.[10] The only character to physically appear in the first trailer.[11] Starkiller is greatly affected by Marek's memories during his time on Kamino, thus prompting him to break free of captivity to find Juno.[12] Starkiller rescues Kota and travels to Dagobah. There he goes to the Cave of Evil and sees a vision of Eclipse under attack. With Kota, he travels to the fleet just in time to see Boba Fett capture her. He and the Rebel fleet pursue the bounty hunter to Kamino. Starkiller crashes the Salvation and travels through the cloning facility, where he confronts and overpowers Vader. He and Eclipse then transport the captive Vader to their base on Dantooine.[1]

In the non-canon dark-side ending of the game, Starkiller is killed by another clone. However, the Distant Thunder cinematics take place before the ending of the game and indicate that the Dark Apprentice is part of Star Wars canon since the choice between the light- and dark-side endings does not affect what happened prior to the game's end.[1] The Dark Apprentice's tale continues in the Endor DLC, where he fights the Rebels during an alternate Battle of Endor.[9]

Darth Vader

Vader pressed for the recreation of Starkiller.

Matthew Sloan as Darth Vader.[12] Returning as master to Starkiller, Vader is determined to create a more powerful and obedient version of his former apprentice, surprised at Starkiller's turn at the end of the last game.[source?]

Juno Eclipse

Captain Eclipse of the Rebellion

Nathalie Cox as Juno Eclipse. Eclipse served the Galactic Empire as a pilot and led the Bombing of Callos. Following Marek's revival on board the research vessel Empirical, Eclipse joined in his quest to unite the Rebellion's leaders.[13] Eclipse now serves the Rebellion as the captain of the frigate Salvation. She is captured by Boba Fett, who surmised that Starkiller would follow.[1] When she was held by Vader on Kamino, she taunted him. When Starkiller arrived and dueled the Sith Lord, Eclipse reached for a fallen lightsaber. Vader saw her and hit her with a Force-push which knocked her off the platform. After the duel, PROXY was not able to revive her, but she woke on her own and is able to pilot the now-captive Vader to their base on Dantooine.[1]

Rahm Kota

Rahm Kota, Jedi General

Cully Fredricksen as Rahm Kota. Kota survived the Great Jedi Purge because he led his own militia. He struck back against the Empire but was defeated by Starkiller.[13] Following the formation of the Rebel Alliance, Kota continued to fight the Empire before he was captured during a mission on Cato Neimoidia.[14] Starkiller rescues him after his escape from Vader, and Kota's anger at his refusal to join the Rebellion drives Starkiller to Dagobah. After his vision, Starkiller retrieves Kota from Malastare and returns to the Salvation.[13] The medical team recorded multiple wounds, but were amazed at his healing using the Force.[15] When the Rebel fleet traveled to Kamino, Kota ordered them to keep pressing the attack, and led the ground forces into the cloning facility.[1]

Other characters

  • Tom Kane as Yoda.[12] Starkiller meets Yoda when he travels to Dagobah. He suggests to the troubled young man, who is unaware of the Grand Master's identity or Force sensitivity, to search for whatever is missing from him inside the Dark Side Cave.[16]
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Boba Fett. Fett is hired by Vader to track down the escaped Starkiller by kidnapping Juno as bait. He is also provided with Terror Troopers and tools from the Empire to help accomplish the job.[1]
  • David W. Collins as PROXY. PROXY was recovered from Corellia and returned to Captain Eclipse's service.[5] His holographic emitters malfunction periodically. PROXY escapes the demise of the Salvation and tries to revive Eclipse following the Starkiller/Vader duel.[14]


The original McQuarrie Starkiller, available for play exclusively in the special collector's edition

In the game, players control the character of Starkiller in an over-the-shoulder view using two lightsabers. The levels are separated by CGI videos. Fallen enemies provide power for the Force Fury meter, which when unleashed provides Starkiller a powerful boost to his combat ability. There is also a moment at the end where players must choose to spare or kill Vader, decided by a button press.[1] The game was expanded with a non-canonical dark-side storyline centering on the Battle of Endor.[9]

In addition to the campaign, the game also features Challenge missions in the form of various Trials. The console versions do not feature a multiplayer mode,[1] although the Nintendo Wii version does. Players choose one of eight characters, each with a special ability. There are six locations.[17]

A new fighting style has been revealed which shows a more realistic style of lightsaber fighting, with limbs and heads being dismembered. As well, the targeting reticule has been shown, which is more precise and defined.[source?]

The Force powers from the last game returned with one addition, mind trick, which makes enemies fight each other or run away, jumping off of a ledge and killing themselves provided there is one in the area being played at the time, depending on the situation.[1] Force lightning also plays a more integral role in this game, and can be used as a "Force Grenade" effect with telekinesis. Additionally, the combo system has been overhauled.[3]

The game engine is built on Euphoria, Digital Molecular Matter, and Havok.[1]

Anyone who purchased the Collector's Edition steel box special edition of the game had the opportunity to play as the "original Starkiller" as designed by Ralph McQuarrie in early drafts of Star Wars.[18]

Guybrush Threepwood from the "Monkey Island" series as a playable skin for Starkiller

Those who preordered the game from participating GameStop stores and website were given a code to unlock the exclusive "Maulkiller" skin. This skin is said to be a creation of the DNA of Darth Maul and Galen Marek. Also included in the preorder is a silver lightsaber crystal, which decreases Force consumption.[19]

At Gamescon 2010, it was announced that there would be a light-side/dark-side choice in the game like the first Force Unleashed.[source?]

For PS3, Xbox 360 and PC owners, anyone who has already played the first game will get some bonuses: Simply having a game saved will unlock the Training Gear costume and the Sith Stalker Armor and Ceremonial Jedi Robes are available to players who have completed the dark and light endings of the first game, respectively.[1]

Extra content

"You have failed me for the last time."
―One of Darth Vader's random quotes after failing a trial[src]

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II has two sets of downloadable content, as well as various add-ons to the player's Avatar on Xbox Live. One set of DLC is a costume pack, featuring four new Starkiller costumes, and skins including Darth Malak, Admiral Ackbar, and Luke Skywalker while he was training on Dagobah.[20] The other is an extra mission following the dark-side storyline. The dark clone of Starkiller journeys to Endor to wipe out the Rebellion for good, encountering Han Solo and Chewbacca as well as Princess Leia, who has become a Jedi after the death of Luke Skywalker on Hoth.[9] The DLC is not related to the Hoth mission of the first game, however, because the two dark-side storylines are unrelated.[21]

The Collector's Edition features a steel case with a Starkiller Mimobot packed with behind-the-scenes information including concept art and the game script as well as three more Challenge modes and the Deak Starkiller McQuarrie concept art skin. The Challenge missions act as training scenarios, and players can unlock trophies by completing them. The Amazon.com version featured two extra Challenge maps, while the GameStop version featured the Maulkiller character skin and "Maulkiller Silver Saber Crystals."[1] Maulkiller's story is that he is a clone of both Galen Marek and Darth Maul. He is powerful, but disparate differences soon resulted in his destruction.[19] Players are also able to unlock a "Guybrush Threepkiller" skin, based upon Guybrush Threepwood of the Monkey Island series. The Collector's Edition also comes with a short voice-over of McQuarrie's concept and early script version, called "The Adventures of Starkiller." The Challenge missions are Combat Trial, Kamino Drill Grounds Trial, Deadly Path Trial, Deflection Trial, Retrieval Trial, Terror Trial, The Cloning Spire Trial, the Scout Trooper Trial, and the Gauntlet Trial, along with the Collector's Edition trials, which are the Core Destruction Trial, the Tower of Death Trial, and The Trial of Agility.[1] The Amazon preorder edition includes the Defend the Core Trial and The Trial of Dagobah.[8]


W. Haden Blackman was the executive producer on the game, while David W. Collins reprised both his production role and his character role: PROXY. The original music was composed by Mark Griskey.[1] According to producer Matt Fillbrandt, 90% of the team who worked on the first game and its post-release content returned for the sequel.[22]

The producers wanted a variety of contrasting environments during the "on the run" sequence, to provide a variety of visuals but also underscore the story.[22]

Producers Blackman and Julio Torres needed to find a way to bring back Starkiller from the dead. According to them, the game starts off with Starkiller being told he's a clone and a failure by Vader. In describing the sequence on Cato Neimoidia, they envision the Empire as having taken over and that Tarko is a Pablo Escobar–like figure. They see the Star Wars universe as rife with "daddy issues" and make those part of the underlying themes of the game. There is a divide between Kota's plans for him and his own quest to find out if he's a clone. The game is envisioned as an emotional chase, rather than Starkiller facing his own masters in battle.[3] Torres wanted to pursue more of the alternate ending where Starkiller serves the Emperor and wished to see more of it. The team instead chose to copy Starkiller using cloning, a technology seen before in Star Wars, and make him more mature. The game also allows for more freedom.[3]

The producers also envision the story being darker and grittier than its predecessor, and made Starkiller more self-aware. This allowed them to explore the character's motivations while also adding to the overall Star Wars saga.[23] Blackman wanted to leave a sense of ambiguity in terms of Vader's motives.[24] According to the producers, Boba Fett and Yoda also play pivotal roles, similar to the themes in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.[23]

In another interview published in July of 2010, Blackman revealed that they were focusing on epic battles and that they were returning to Starkiller because he was a known quantity.[24] They wanted to provide an "unleashed" cinematic experience for the player at the beginning of the game. However, they felt that the first game was perhaps overly ambitious and wanted to tone it down and focus on quality over quantity. Therefore the enemy types represent a greater tactical challenge. The production team worked with the ESRB to make the combat more visceral without violating any policies.[3]

A planned PlayStation Portable version was cancelled.[25]

The article The Good, the Bad, and the Gorog in Star Wars Insider 121 reveals concept art for enemy characters by lead concept artist Amy Beth Christenson.[26]

The game is rated T due to violence (killing, dismemberment, etc.) by the ESRB.[1]


VGA Announcement Trailer (cinematic trailer)

"Uncertain your future is. Find yourself, you must."
―Yoda's voice, to Starkiller[src]

Galen Marek's clone

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II was first announced at the 2009 SPIKE TV Video Game Awards on December 12.[11] The trailer, in English, ran for 2:11 minutes and featured the voices of Darth Vader and Yoda, the latter voiced by Tom Kane, speaking to a hooded figure walking down a hall using the Force to destroy everything around. The man stops when the voice of Juno Eclipse is heard, and as he lowers his hood, the face of Galen Marek is revealed. He enters an arena on Cato Neimoidia, while a dead rancor is thrown in the air and lands near him. A Gorog then appears from a large gate and the man charges Force lightning before firing it at the massive beast. He subsequently pulls out two blue lightsabers and jumps onto the beast. The background fades and the lightsabers become the Roman numeral "II" behind The Force Unleashed logo.[2]

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - Cloning Tank (viral marketing campaign)

The game was also advertised by its own website featuring the trailer and the press release from LucasArts. On May 26, the website was modified to feature a first-person perspective of someone in a cloning tank, known as Subject 1157. The tank featured a holographic display where users could click on and play minigames which periodically unleash visions. In two medical entries, there are passwords to unlock: KAMINO and JUNO. On July 28, the website was updated once again to include an interactive menu.[2]

Betrayal (cinematic trailer)

Yoda, whom Starkiller meets on Dagobah in the game

The second trailer was premiered on June 11, 2010. It shows Starkiller chained to the floor surrounded by stormtroopers. Darth Vader tells him he has served his purpose and he has no more need for the apprentice. Ordering his execution, Vader walks out. As the stormtroopers move in for the kill, Starkiller grasps his chains and the lights go out. He jumps around and takes out the troopers one by one. Walking into the hallway, Starkiller meets more troopers and an armored flamethrower droid, which he destroys by splitting the gas tank on its rear and firing Force lightning into the escaping gas, causing an explosion. He then meets more troopers and a giant four-legged walker, all of which he mercilessly destroys, vaporizing a large number with a violent Force repulse. Surveying the damage, Starkiller is surprised by a Terror walker. The droid attacks the warrior with a laser blast, but Starkiller absorbs the laser and uses lightning to damage the droid's leg. As the droid topples, Starkiller slashes the droid's front legs off and jumps on top of it, viciously stabbing and slashing the droid apart. Jumping off, Starkiller lifts the damaged droid into the air, crushing it before leaping up and slicing it in half. As Starkiller leaves, he declares he has something to fight for, and no one, not even Vader, can stop him. Meanwhile, levels below, Vader walks into a room filled with cloning tanks, and one of the clones wakes up.[2]

"Snow" & "Walls" (television commercials)

Two CGI commercials were also developed at Blur Studio and directed by Dave Wilson. "Snow" depicts Starkiller fighting stormtroopers in a snow-ridden planet while searching for Juno Eclipse. "Walls" depicts a fight with Darth Vader, where Vader becomes the victim of a massive Force push which propels him through several walls.[27]

Gameplay trailer

On October 6, 2010, a new gameplay trailer was released, showing more detailed cutscenes/cinematics of Kamino, Cato Neimoidia, Dagobah, and the Salvation.[28]

On October 12 the demo for the game was released for both Xbox 360 and PS3,[29] the demo is focused on the planet of Kamino at the first level where Starkiller escapes from the cloning facilities and steals Vader's TIE Fighter to get off the planet.[30]

Official Facebook page

In the weeks leading up to the game's release, the official Facebook page for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II posted announcements about the game's content as well as behind the scenes info.[31] On October 27, the flash-based game Escape from Kamino launched.[32]


The Force Unleashed II novelization expands on the story. It is the definitive version of the story.[33] An unabridged audiobook copy was also released.[34]

The game was re-released for the Xbox 360 as part of its "Platinum Hits" line.[35]

The comic follows Boba Fett and his involvement in Starkiller's quest and was written by Haden Blackman.[36]

The Nintendo Wii version makes the Salvation an Assault Frigate Mark I instead of a Nebulon-B.[17]

In the Xbox 360/PS3/PC version of the game, on the Dagobah level, in the Cave of Evil, Starkiller sees visions of himself.[1] However, in the Wii version, he actually faces clones of himself. In the escape from Kamino level, Starkiller throws a tower at Vader before entering his starfighter in the Wii version. The fight with the Gorog also proceeds differently, and the creature is missing its head covering. During the battle for the Salvation, Starkiller is briefly attacked by Boba Fett.[17]

The giant Terror Walker also meets its demise differently between versions. In the novelization, the machine is sucked into hyperspace,[14] while in the console version Starkiller destroys it and uses its body to move into another section.[1]


In its first two weeks after release, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II sold 500,000 copies.[41]

On the review website Metacritic.com, the game has a score of 61.[37] The Official Xbox Magazine graded it at 7.5 on a 10-scale, giving it a good score for the action but said the mystery disappoints.[39] The PS 3 version was reviewed similarly, but only received a 6 out of 10.[40]

The Writers Guild of America nominated the game for its Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Writing recognition,[42] although The Force Unleashed II was one of GameSpot's nominees for "Least Improved Sequel of 2010."[43]

For the downloadable Endor content, Greg Miller of IGN.com called it "all right," but cited concerns about its glitchiness and repetitiveness.[44]


Mark Griskey composed the music for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, as he had previously scored the music for the game's predecessor. In addition, in certain parts of the game, stock music by John Williams was used.

References to other works

The clearance code to dock on the Salvation is Talus Haroon 10-11-38. The entire sequence is a reference to George Lucas's first movie, THX 1138. If one converts the number 10 into its Roman numeral X, the beginning three parts of the sequence can be abbreviated to THX, with the 1138 right behind it.[1] At the end there is a homage to Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back with Slave I hiding in the wreckage of the space battle and then following the Rogue Shadow after it leaves into hyperspace.[1]

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