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Star Wars: The High Republic: The Edge of Balance, Vol. 1 is the first trade paperback release in the manga series Star Wars: The High Republic: The Edge of Balance. It was written by Shima Shinya and Justina Ireland, illustrated by Mizuki Sakakibara, and published by Viz Media on September 7, 2021. The volume also contains "The Banchiians", a bonus chapter written by Shinya and drawn by Nezu Usugumo.

Publisher's summary[]

In the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace Disaster, young Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi is assigned to help displaced civilians relocate to Banchii, a planet in the Inugg system far in the Outer Rim. While balancing the arrival of incoming settlers and teaching the Padawans on their Temple outpost, Lily must also confront an attack by the insidious Drengir and, after the events of the Republic Fair, deal with the growing threat of the Nihil. But the dangers to Lily and her Padawans are much closer than she thinks….

Plot summary[]

The galaxy celebrates. With the dark days
of the hyperspace disaster behind them,
Chancellor Lina Soh pushes ahead with the
latest of her GREAT WORKS. The Republic
Fair will be her finest hour, a celebration
of peace, unity, and hope on the frontier
world of Valo.

But an insatiable horror appears on the
horizon. One by one, planets fall as the
carnivorous DRENGIR consume all life in
their path. As Jedi Master AVAR KRISS
leads the battle against this terror, Nihil
forces gather in secret for the next stage of
MARCHION RO's diabolical plan.

Only the noble JEDI KNIGHTS stand in Ro's
way, but even the protectors of light and life
are not prepared for the terrible darkness
that lies ahead....

On Ta'klah, an ordinary day is shattered by the emergence of deadly falling debris. A child caught in the chaos is nearly hit, but is saved when help arrives in the form of Jedi Vectors, Jedi Master Stellan Gios leaping out of one starfighter to deflect some of the debris with telekinesis. Telling the locals to take shelter, Gios says there has been an accident in hyperspace.

Later, Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi wakes up after hearing a voice calling for her help. She and Master Arkoff are transporting some refugees from Ta'klah to the planet Banchii, being stationed at its Jedi Temple. Lily, however, is uncertain about how to find balance while caring for the refugees, although Arkoff advises her to change her perspective, for herself and her Padawan. Heading to the back to check on the passengers, Lily tells them they'll be landing shortly, one of whom says they don't know what they'd do without the Jedi. Lily says it was the refugees' courage that made it possible, before talking with a man with a container of seeds given to him by a friend, which he hopes will grow well on Banchii.

Upon arrival on the planet, Lily and Arkoff are greeted by younglings Nima and Viv'nia, who wish they could go to the Republic Fair on Valo. Lily's Padawan Keerin Fionn interrupts the girls, telling them they're not there to gossip and they should help the new settlers, an order compounded by Lily and Arkoff. After the girls run off, Keerin asks if these are the last settlers, and Lily confirms it before introducing him to the new arrivals, letting him lead them off.



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Notes and references[]

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