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"We’ve had stories of Jedi who were confident. We’ve had stories of Jedi who search, who want to know more, who want to be better. I want to tell the story of a Jedi who is good, but doesn’t know how good she is—and doesn’t know why she’s been chosen for this, and struggles with that question and what that would mean to her character."
―Cavan Scott[src]

Star Wars: The High Republic is an ongoing comic book series written by Cavan Scott and published by Marvel Comics as part of the multimedia project by the same title.[1] The comic series' first issue was published on January 6, 2021.[2]

Media[edit | edit source]

Color code key:
Collected (TPB) issue Released issue Future issue Story arc
Issue Title Publication date Trade paperback
There is No Fear
Vol. 1
August 17, 2021[4]
1 There is No Fear, Chapter One: "Trial by Ordeal" January 6, 2021[2]
2 The High Republic 2 February 3, 2021[5]
3 The High Republic 3 March 3, 2021[6]
4 The High Republic 4 April 7, 2021[7]

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