This article is about Star Wars: The Magic of Myth, the traveling exhibition. You may be looking for Star Wars: The Magic of Myth, the official book of the exhibition.

The entrance to the Smithsonian Exhibition of Star Wars: the Magic of Myth

Star Wars: The Magic of Myth is a traveling exhibition created by the Smithsonian Institute, featuring props and costumes used in the Star Wars films, but focusing primarily on the mythic themes behind George Lucas' fantasy worlds and characters using Joseph Campbell's influential book The Hero With a Thousand Faces as a model.


The Millennium Falcon with a painting of the second Death Star from the original Smithsonian Exhibition

Boba Fett's armor from the original Smithsonian Exhibition


Yoda puppet at the exhibit when it toured Sydney


Conceptual artwork from Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones when the exhibition toured Sydney



In various parts of the exhibit there conceptual art and design pieces by Ralph McQuarrie, Doug Chiang, John Mollo, Joe Johnston, Norman Reynolds, Nilo Rodis-Jamero, Paul LeBlanc, David Carson and Marilee Heyer as well as the conceptual storyboards by Alex Tavoularis.

An interactive exhibit where visitor's could use the Force to raise the X-Wing from the swamp on Dagobah


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