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This article is about Star Wars: The Magic of Myth, the reference book . You may be looking for Star Wars: The Magic of Myth, the traveling exhibition.

Star Wars: The Magic of Myth was a reference book written by Mary Henderson to accompany the exhibition of the same name when it was at the Smithsonian Institute. It was published by Bantam Spectra on November 3, 1997.


The book is a frame narrative of the original trilogy using Joseph Campbell's influential book The Hero With a Thousand Faces as a model, much like the exhibition. The journey of Luke Skywalker, from his "Call to Adventure" by C-3PO and R2-D2 in A New Hope to the "Freedom to Live" when his faith in his father leads to his turn from the dark side of the Force in Return of the Jedi.

Han Solo's and Princess Leia's journeys as characters are also described, as well as C-3PO. There are also many comparisons made between Star Wars and other mythologies such as Greek mythology, the Arthurian legend, the Volsunga saga and Inca mythology.

Henderson also examines the visual aspects of Star Wars comparing costumes, characters and sets to their real-world equivalents.

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