Star Wars: The Making of Episode I The Phantom Menace is a reference book co-authored by Laurent Bouzereau and Jody Duncan. It was published by Del Rey for the United States and by Random House for the United Kingdom in May 1999. Ebury Press also released a Limited First Edition paperback and a Special Collector's Limited Edition hardcover for the UK.

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The Ultimate Behind-the-Scenes Tour de Force

In 1977, George Lucas brought Star Wars to the big screen—and made cinema history. Now, more than twenty years later, the visionary writer-director, his brilliant crew of special-effects wizards, and an exciting cast of talented stars have united to make the long-awaited and eagerly anticipated Episode I of the Star Wars epic.

Star Wars: The Making of Episode I is your exclusive entrée backstage where the wonders of the newest chapter in the Star Wars saga are brought to life, including

  • A series of exclusive interviews with George Lucas as he discusses the genesis of the Star Wars story, from themes to scenes to dialogue
  • Pre-production: from storyboarding, set-building, and model-making to costume design and the casting of pivotal roles
  • Post-production: Including editing, scoring, and combining computer generated effects with live-action footage
  • Hundreds of drawings and photographs

Witness all the movie-making magic behind the sensational Star Wars saga's newest episode!


  • On page 117, a caption for a photograph of the model of an AAT misidentifies it as an MTT model.



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