Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season One Graphic Novel is a graphic novel adaptation of The Mandalorian Season One published by Panini Comics UK on May 18, 2022.[2]

Publisher's summary[]

It should have been just another bounty like many before it. No questions asked. No complications. But when the Mandalorian finds out his prey is a child of a mysterious race, a foundling just like he once was, his life changes forever. Wanted by other bounty hunters and by what remains of the Galactic Empire, the infant forces the lone warrior to travel from planet to planet until running is no longer an option.[5]


The comic was announced on June 30, 2020, on StarWars.com, alongside several other titles in The Mandalorian publishing program, including a series by Marvel Comics. It was announced to be published by IDW Publishing.[4]

In August 2020, the comic was solicited for release in November 2020 as Star Wars Adventures: The Mandalorian, and a preliminary cover was revealed.[6] Several days later, artist Peach Momoko confirmed that she would be illustrating the final cover for the comic, but that she had not drawn the preliminary cover.[1]

The comic ultimately was not released in November 2020.[6] On March 9, 2021, several other titles in The Mandalorian publishing program were canceled, including The Mandalorian: An Original Novel, though the comic one-shot was not officially canceled.[7] Eventually the comic was picked up by Panini Comics UK, and published on May 18, 2022 under the new title of Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season One Graphic Novel.[2]


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Notes and references[]

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