Star Wars Magazine UK 10 was the 10th issue of the Star Wars: The Official Magazine, covering October and November 1997 and containing 66 pages.

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  • Feel the Force
    Progress on the shooting of Star Wars Episode I, and news from all branches of Lucasfilm.
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    Mark Hamill shares his opinions of the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition.
  • Servants of the dark side
    The concluding instalment of our study into the Imperial forces concentrates on the Empire's military machinery.
  • Rising Cramp
    Anthony Daniels presents a rough guide to Mos Eisley, and recommends a very reasonable hostelry.
  • The Making of Star Wars
    Our production history comes to an end with the release, and marketing, of the original Star Wars.
  • Still Life
    John Jay, the official Star Wars photographer, recalls the assignment and talks about some of his favourite pictures.
  • George Lucas on Star Wars Episode I
    Highlights from a recent Italian press conference, during which George Lucas revealed many of his plans for the new Star Wars film.
  • Motion Control
    Effects expert Phil Tippett discusses the stop-motion techniques that enhanced the original Star Wars trilogy.
  • X-wing vs TIE Fighter Players Guide
    Hints and tips to LucasArts' latest game, by the author of the official guide book.
  • Comic Strip: Shadow Stalker part four
    Jix determines to continue the search for the real Governor Torlock, but Droon places some unexpected obstacles in his path.
  • Q&A
    Your queries about the Star Wars universe answered.
  • Second Trooper: The Man Behind the Hutt
    Declan Mulholland remembers playing the Jabba that ended up on the cutting room floor.
  • Jawas' Corner
    The latest Star Wars merchandise from both sides of the Atlantic reviewed.
  • Readers' Survey
    Wake up! There's a ton of Star Wars swag up for grabs.

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