Star Wars Magazine UK 5 was the 5th issue of the Star Wars: The Official Magazine, covering December 1996 and January 1997 and containing 66 pages.

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  • Feel the Force
    News on the new Star Wars universe and beyond – including updates from every part of the Lucasfilm organization.
  • New Hopes
    A round-up of news about actors and production crew activities away from the Star Wars universe…
  • Shadows of the Empire
    Your complete guide to Shadows of the Empire – details of the forthcoming Nintendo 64 game, a run-down of the story and characters plus an interview with author Steve Perry.
  • Predators of the Empire
    Think you could be a bounty hunter? Brian Daley reveals the job qualifications.
  • Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction
    Part Two of Two. Boba Fett versus Boba Fett? Surely some mistake – for the impersonator, that is…
  • Q&A
    Your questions about Star Wars and other Lucasfilm projects answered.
  • Second Trooper: Memoirs of Mon Mothma
    An exclusive interview with actress Caroline Blakiston.
  • Jawas' Corner
    Merchandise previews and reviews including new toys, books and other products, including an introductory guide to West End Games' Star Wars roleplaying game.
  • Hasbro Competition
    Merchandise by the sandcrawler full must be won!

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