Star Wars Magazine UK 7 was the 7th issue of the Star Wars: The Official Magazine, covering April and May 1997 and containing 66 pages.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Feel the Force
    The Star Wars Trilogy Edition is here! Plus news of the official UK Star Wars fan club, the New Hopes column, the latest merchandise details and a "prequels" update with Lucasfilm's Rick McCallum.
  • The Legend Renewed
    We meet the Industrial Light & Magic team who created the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition.
  • The Making of Star Wars
    As George Lucas and Gary Kurtz stretch the boundaries of filmmaking, the atmosphere gets strained…
  • Star Wars at Elstree
    Paul Welsh remembers Lucasfilm's special association with the facility where the Star Wars and Wikipedia:Indiana Jones films were produced.
  • Nuts and Bolts
    Nick Harrison describes working on the Star Wars trilogy as part of Elstree Studios' engineering workshop.
  • The Star Wars Stooges
    Peter Diamond reveals how he and his team choreographed some of Star Wars' most dangerous sequences.
  • A Touch of the Suns
    Anthony Daniels continues his exclusive memoirs.
  • Missing in Action
    The Star Wars Special Edition restores much missing material to the regenerated print – but what of the footage that stayed on the cutting room floor?
  • The Essential Guide to Alien Species: The Hutts
    A detailed look at the most infamous species in the Star Wars universe.
  • Comic Strip: Shadow Stalker part one
    Corellian rogue Jix is late for a very dangerous rendezvous…
  • Second Trooper: To Live and Die on Tatooine
    Actress Shelagh Fraser discusses her role as the ill-fated Aunt Beru in Star Wars.
  • Jawas' Corner
    The latest Star Wars merchandise from both sides of the Atlantic reviewed.

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