Star Wars Magazine UK 8 was the 8th issue of the Star Wars: The Official Magazine, covering June and July 1997 and containing 66 pages.

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  • Feel the Force
    The latest Star Wars news and another "prequels update" with Lucasfilm's Rick McCallum.
  • The Legend Continues
    We quiz ILM's top people over The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi Special Editions.
  • The Making of Star Wars
    The story behind the effect techniques developed for the film, and the problems faced by the ILM pioneers…
  • Made Over
    An interview with Stuart Freeborn, the acclaimed make-up artist responsible for some of the most familiar extra-terrestrial characters in the original trilogy.
  • Dark Forces
    The PlayStation version of Dark Forces is one of the biggest Star Wars video games ever released in this country – our players' guide (and cheat codes) should see you through any tricky bits!
  • Return of the Jedi
    A report from the royal première of the Star Wars Special Edition - the pics, the quotes, and exclusive interviews with the celebs!
  • A Long Time Ago
    Rewind 20 years to the British premiere [sic] of the original Star Wars – what were the events leading up to the launch of the most successful film ever made?
  • Armless Fun
    Anthony Daniels' memories of playing C-3PO in the original Star Wars continue.
  • Star Wars Kits
    The first of our exhaustive merchandise guides – this issue, a complete listing of Star Wars model kits.
  • Comic Strip: Shadow Stalker part two
    Following Darth Vader's briefing, Jix turns assassin on the planet Corulag
  • Rogue Artist
    From a job in Forbidden Planet to a top gig illustrating American Star Wars comics – the meteoric rise of Glasgow's Gary Erskine.
  • Jawas' Corner
    The lowdown on the latest Star Wars merchandise available on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Role-playing round up
    By popular demand, reviews of the most recent releases for West End Games' Star Wars role-playing game.
  • Comlink
    Your opinions on the Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back Special Editions.
  • Q&A
    Your queries about the Star Wars universe answered.

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