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Star Wars: The Original Trilogy Collection was a line of toys released by Hasbro from 2004 to 2005. It included characters from the first three Star Wars films, and coincided with the release of the original trilogy on DVD.


This collection was released shortly after the end of the Star Wars Saga line. It contained characters based on the original trilogy in packaging styled similar to the original vintage Kenner line of figures, though the final waves of figures included characters from The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.

The line was a combination of new sculpts along with several reissued figures from previous lines with new paint schemes. A second line known as the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection, duplicated the original Kenner packaging with new figures featuring a higher degree of detail and articulation than the regular line, features which would later be incorporated into the regular line, including a re-scaling of the figures to more accurately represent the heights of individual characters.

New canonEdit

The Original Trilogy Collection is the first source to provide a full-body representation of the Yam'rii species with the Mos Eisley Cantina set's Kitik Keed'kak action figure.

Line BreakdownEdit

Wave 1Edit

OTC #01- Luke Skywalker "Dagobah Training"

OTC #02-Yoda "Dagobah Training"

OTC #03-Spirit Obi-Wan "Dagobah Training"

OTC #04-R2-D2 "Dagobah' Training"

OTC #05- Luke Skywalker "X-Wing' Pilot"

OTC #06-Luke Skywalker "Jedi Knight"

OTC #07-Han Solo

OTC #08-Chewbacca

OTC #09-Darth Vader "Throne Room"

Wave 2Edit

OTC #12-R2-D2

OTC #13-C-3PO

OTC #14-Boba Fett

OTC #15-Obi-Wan Kenobi

OTC #16-Stormtrooper

OTC #17-Wicket

OTC #18-Princess Leia "Cloud City"

OTC #19-Cloud Car Pilot

OTC #20-Lobot "Cloud City"

Wave 3Edit

OTC #09-Princess Leia

OTC #11-Scout Trooper

Wave 4Edit

OTC #21-TIE Fighter Pilot

OTC #22-Greedo

OTC #23-Tusken Raider

OTC #24-Luke Skywalker "Bespin Gear

Wave 5Edit

OTC #25-Jawas (There were two versions offered. One was tall, and the other was short.)

OTC #26-Snowtrooper

OTC #27-IG-88

OTC #28-Bossk

Wave 6Edit

OTC #29-Darth Vader "Hoth"

OTC #30-Gamorrean Guard

OTC #31-Bib Fortuna

OTC #32-Lando Calrissian "Skiff Guard"

OTC #33-Princess Leia "Sail Barge"

OTC #34-Darth Vader "Death Star"

OTC #35-Han Solo "AT-ST Driver"

OTC #36-General Madine

OTC #37-Lando Calrissian "General"

OTC #38-Imperial Trooper (This figure was voted on to be to last figure in the line by the fans.)

Vintage Original Trilogy Collection (VOTC)Edit

Star Wars: A New HopeEdit

Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi

Han Solo

Princess Leia

Luke Skywalker

The Empire Strikes BackEdit


Lando Calrissian

Darth Vader


Return Of The JediEdit

Boba Fett




Transitional "Post" Original Trilogy Collection (POTC)Edit

Wave 7Edit

'05 #01-Pablo Jill "Geonosis Arena"

'05 #02-Yarua "Coruscant Senate"

'05 #03-Sly Moore "Coruscant Senate"

'05 #04-Queen Amidala "Celebration Ceremony"

'05 #05-Rabé "Queen's Chambers"

Wave 8Edit

'05 #06-Feltipern Trevagg "Cantina"

'05 #07-Myo "Cantina"

'05 #08-Dannik Jerriko "Cantina Encounter"

Wave 9Edit

'05 #09-Luke Skywalker "Dagobah Training" (This is a repack of the OTC #01 figure)

'05 #10-Darth Vader "Death Star Hangar" (This is a repack of the OTC #34 figure)

'05 #11-Stormtrooper "Death Star Attack" (This is a repack of the OTC #16 figure)

'05 #12-Sandtrooper "Tatooine Search" (This is a repack of a 2001 figure)

'05 #13-Scout Trooper "Endor Raid" (This is a repack of the OTC #11 figure)

'05 #14-Han Solo "Mos Eisley Cantina" (This is a repack of the OTC #07 figure)

'05 #15-Chewbacca "Hoth Escape" (This is a repack of the OTC #08 figure)

'05 #16-Yoda "Dagobah Training" (This is a repack of the OTC #02 figure)

Exclusive FiguresEdit


  1. Darth Vader -Toys "R" Us (This figure was painted silver to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the saga)
  2. Emperor Palpatine "Executor Transmission" (Same mold as the 1997 figure, but this time cast in a translucent blue plastic)
  3. Jawas Holiday Edition" -Entertainment Earth (Same figures as the OTC #25 figures, but with Christmas themed accessories, and display, based on a Ralph McQuarrie painting)
  4. Luke Skywalker's Encounter with Yoda -Encuentros Mexico Convention (Repacks of the OTC #01 and OTC #02 Figures)
  5. Scout Trooper "Star Wars Battlefront" Video Game Stores and (Repack of the OTC #11 figure)


  1. Darth Vader "Special Edition 500th Figure" (Same figure as the VOTC Darth Vader, but with a removeble dome helmet. The figure also comes with his Meditation Chamber. This figure is also the 500th figure made by both Kenner and Hasbro)
  2. Holiday Darth (This is a repaint of the OTC #29 figure, but painted red to be distinct for Christmas.)
  3. Holographic Princess Leia Organa - San Diego Comic-Con (Same mold as the OTC #09 figure but cast in a translucent blue plastic)
  4. Wedge Antilles - Internet



  • Endor Ambush -Toys "R" Us exclusive (This pack includes, Han Solo (Endor Trench Coat), Biker Scout, Logray, Wicket, Endor Rebel Soldier and a Speeder Bike. The pack is based on The Battle of Endor. Han Solo is a repack of the POTF2 1997 figure. The Wicket and Logray are repacks of the POTF2 1998 figures,. The Speeder Bike and Biker Scout are repacks of the 1995 POTF2 vehicle pack. And The Rebel Soldier is a repack of the 2002 "Saga" figure.)
  • Naboo Final Conflict - Toys "R" Us exclusive (This pack includes, a Battle Droid, Captain Tarpals, Gungan Soldier, Naboo Royal Guard, and a Kaadu. The pack is based on The Battle of Naboo. The Battle Droid is a repack of the Power of the Jedi Battle with Boomer Damage. The Captain Tarples is a re-tool of the Episode I Captain Tarples, but this time it has knee joints. The Gungan Solider is a repack of the Power of the Jedi Gungan Soldier. The Naboo Royal Guard is a repack of the Episode I figure. The Kaadu is also a repack of the Episode I Kaadu but this time hit has three feathers that attatch to it.)
  • Clone Trooper 4 Packs - Entertainment Earth exclusive. The Clones have Phase 1 clone trooper armor, and were branded under the Clone Wars multimedia project. There were four intentional variations. The first variation was four Shinies, with no carbon scoring. The Second variation was four Shinies with carbon scoring. The third variation was Clone officers, including a Commander, Captain, Lieutenant, and Sergeant. The fourth variation was the same as the third, but with carbon scoring. The Clones are all the same as the 2003 Clone Wars toy line Clones which was the only figure at the time to advertise that is twas super articulated with 14 points of articulation. The packs also come with a poster of four Clone officer figures, but the figures on the poster are not what is packed in.

Screen ScenesEdit

Screen Scenes include three figures and an environmental base that can connect to other advertised Screen Scene sets. The first four sets are a continuation of the Star Wars Saga line Jedi Council sets. Once all 6 sets were collected, it was then possible to assemble the entire Jedi Council Chamber.

Commemorative Trilogy DVD CollectionEdit

Star Wars: A New HopeEdit

Luke Skywalker

Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi



The Empire Strikes BackEdit

Han Solo "Bespin Outfit"


Princess Leia

Return Of The JediEdit

Darth Vader

Emperor Palpatine


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