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The Star Wars: The Saga Collection toy line began in 2006. It has featured a variety of collector-aimed characters and vehicles from the first six Star Wars films alongside character from the Expanded Universe. The entries in the series mixed those that had already appeared in previous lines with new ones.

Two separate lines of figures were released consisting entirely of reissued figures: The Episode III: Heroes and Villains collection, consisting of the film's main characters, and Episode III: Greatest Battles sets, consisting primarily of secondary characters. Each basic figure came with a display base as well as a mini holographic figure pack-in. The initial wave of the holographic figures were blue, while later waves were red.

In addition to the pack-ins, the Ultimate Galactic Hunt promotion featured chase figures with special packaging and a mail-away offer for a figure of George Lucas in stormtrooper disguise. The sale of exclusive figures to retailers expanded with Wal-Mart receiving an entire wave of exclusives, primarily consisting of repaints.


This collection provided names for a number of unidentified astromech droids previously appearing in various sources, including R2-C4, R3-Y2, R4-K5, R4-M6 and R5-J2. All of these were later referenced in other Legends material. The Saga Collection is also the first source to provide a full-body representation of the Yam'rii species.


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