Star Wars: The Story of Darth Vader is a 48-page young readers book written by Catherine Saunders that was published by DK at reading level 3. It was reissued in 2015 with additional content.

Publisher's summaryEdit

More thrilling Star Wars episodes for young readers! Kids can continue their discovery of the fantastic Jedi Knights, rogue Rebels, heroic allies, and evil Sith Lords that were loved by their parents' generation, while strengthening their reading skills at the same time.

Discover how a promising young Jedi turned to the dark side and became the most feared Sith lord in the galaxy.


  • The Story of Darth Vader
  • Young Anakin Skywalker
  • A Special Calling
  • A New Life Begins
  • Jedi Training
  • Increasing Frustration
  • Powerful Friend
  • Unstoppable Feelings
  • Turning to the Dark Side
  • Jedi Hero
  • The Dark Side Wins
  • The End of Anakin
  • Building Darth Vader
  • Padmé's Secret
  • The Rise of Darth Vader
  • Civil War
  • Rebel Victory
  • Imperial Fleet
  • Vader's Revenge
  • Cloud City
  • Vader's Choice
  • The Death of Darth Vader
  • Glossary


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