Star Wars: The Ultimate Space Adventure Game was a board game released by Parker Brothers in 1982. Players moved their X-wing game pieces to escape Darth Vader's TIE fighter attack on Hoth and reach the planet Dantooine.

Manufacturer's descriptionEdit

You and your opponents are commanders in the Rebel Alliance. The remote ice planet Hoth has been your base since you escaped from the superior Empire forces. But wait! The Empire has sent probes into the far reaches of the galaxy, and your position has been revealed. Even now, an Imperial TIE fighter commanded by the evil Darth Vader is invading Planet Hoth's atmosphere. To escape, you must pilot your X-Wing Fighter on a perilous journey through the unknown to Planet Dantooine (pronounced Dan-two-een). One - and only one - Rebel fighter can complete the journey. Will it be yours?


  • game board
  • 4 Rebel X-Wing Fighter markers
  • 1 Imperial TIE Fighter marker
  • 4 puzzles of X-Wing Fighters
  • Rebel and Imperial spinners
  • The Force Cards