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It's all so beautiful. Like an illusion...a dream. Too beautiful...has to be a nightmare.Mara Jade Skywalker

Star Wars: Union was a four-issue comic series, written by Michael A. Stackpole, published between November 1999 and February 2000. The series' plot focused on the marriage of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade.

Publisher's summary

When Luke Skywalker, the New Republic's greatest hero and sole Jedi Master, decides to marry Mara Jade, the woman who was once the Emperor's personal assassin, you can be sure that hands both Imperial and New Republican will be raised to stop the marriage—at any cost! Written by acclaimed Star Wars novelist Michael Stackpole (X-Wing: Rogue Squadron; I, Jedi) and illustrated with photographic realism by Robert Teranishi, Union spotlights a monumental event in the Star Wars timeline that bridges the classic Star Wars trilogy to its boundless future a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!

Plot summary


Collected (TPB) issue Released issue Future issue
Issue Title Publication date Trade paperback TPB pub date
Union Union
30th Anniversary Collection Volume 11: Union
August 9, 2000
January 2, 2008
1 Union 1 November 10, 1999
2 Union 2 December 8, 1999
3 Union 3 January 12, 2000
4 Union 4 February 16, 2000
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Behind the scenes

A banner in the exhibition on Coruscant says "DEATH STAR" in Aurebesh letters. Also, the "IDs" of Banner Sumptor, Chala Venan, Chik Apla, Iry Danta, Anlys Takkar, and Moff Derran Takkar show their names written in both Aurebesh and High Galactic alphabet.

Star Wars: The Comics Companion, mistakenly places this tale in 20 ABY.

Notes and references

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