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Star Wars Vector
"It's not so much a crossover as a cross-through."
John Jackson Miller[src]

Star Wars: Vector is a comic storyline released by Dark Horse in 2008. It included the writers John Ostrander and John Jackson Miller, and covered a single character's journey through the continuities of Knights of the Old Republic, Dark Times, Rebellion, and Legacy. The pivotal character in all the story line is Celeste Morne.

The storyline proceeded from Knights of the Old Republic, to Dark Times, then to Rebellion, and finally to Legacy, with each chapter being essentially self-contained.[1] According to Ostrander, the events of Vector were intended to have lasting influence all four comics, with the future direction of Legacy being written based on the events of Vector.[2] Jan Duursema did the art for the Legacy portion. Vector was collected in two trade paperbacks, the first for Knights of the Old Republic and Dark Times, the second for Rebellion and Legacy.[3]

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Vector art by Scott Hepburn

When a terrible vision reaching more than 4,000 years into the future alerts the secret Jedi Covenant to the importance of Taris, they activate an operative already on this planet overrun by Mandalorians. There, in the deadly Undercity, a monstrous, ancient threat is unleashed that plunges Zayne Carrick, the Padawan accused of killing his fellow students, into an adventure which will eventually span four thousand years and involve Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and the principals of the Legacy series.[4]

The ancient threat in question was the Muur Talisman, a golden Sith artifact in the shape of a insect-like creature with one jeweled eye. The Muur Talisman was created by Karness Muur, a Sith Lord, and had the power to infect all non-Force-sensitive beings with the Rakghoul Plague. The talisman also carried Muur's spirit, which tried to take over the mind of any Force-user who wore it, and, through him/her, control the Rakghouls.

Zayne Carrick and Celeste Morne found the talisman on Taris, but it attached itself to Morne. Carrick then placed her in a Sith-designed suspended animation sarcophagus, promising to send help. She remained in stasis for thousands of years. The sarcophagus was recovered by the crew of the Uhumele and was fought over by several factions.

Celeste Morne was reanimated on a lifeless moon. She briefly fought Darth Vader, while resisting the control of Muur's spirit. Vader was forced to retreat when the Rakghoul plague started to consume his men. Morne was left stranded with only her mindless rakghouls and a Sith spirit for company.

Years later, Vader led the Rebels into a trap by leaking information that the moon Morne was left on was the home of an Imperial secret weapon. Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo lead a recovery team to the moon. Once there, many of the Rebels fell victim to the plague, or to the Rakghouls themselves. Luke did battle with Morne and was defeated. Leia came to the rescue and was briefly possessed by the Muur Talisman, but Morne, now free of the talisman's control, chose to take back the talisman to keep Muur's spirit trapped with her. She and her rakghouls escaped on one of the rebel vessels.

Over a century later, Morne, now in command of a rakghoul-infested Star Destroyer, intercepted Cade Skywalker and his companions as they attempted to assassinate Sith Emperor Darth Krayt. Impressed by Cade's ability to conquer the Rakghoul plague with his Dark transfer, Morne joined with him to aid in overcoming Krayt.


Collected (TPB) issue Released issue Future issue
IssueTitlePublication dateTrade paperbackTPB pub dateOmnibus collectionOmnibus pub date
Knights of the Old Republic: VectorVector: Volume 1, Chapters 1 & 2February 4, 2009Star Wars Omnibus: Knights of the Old Republic Volume 2December 18, 2013
1Knights of the Old Republic 25: Vector, Part 1January 30, 2008
2Knights of the Old Republic 26: Vector, Part 2March 26, 2008
3Knights of the Old Republic 27: Vector, Part 3April 23, 2008
4Knights of the Old Republic 28: Vector, Part 4May 14, 2008
Dark Times: VectorStar Wars Omnibus: Dark Times Volume 1January 1, 2014
5Dark Times 11: Vector, Part 5May 29, 2008
6Dark Times 12: Vector, Part 6June 25, 2008
Rebellion: VectorVector Volume 2, Chapters 3 & 4May 20, 2009Star Wars Omnibus: At War with the Empire Volume 2November 23, 2011
7Rebellion 15: Vector, Part 7July 30, 2008
8Rebellion 16: Vector, Part 8August 27, 2008
Legacy: Vector
9Legacy 28: Vector, Part 9September 24, 2008
10Legacy 29: Vector, Part 10October 29, 2008
11Legacy 30: Vector, Part 11November 26, 2008
12Legacy 31: Vector, Part 12December 31, 2008

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