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Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 is the second season of Star Wars: Visions. It debuted on May 4, 2023 on Disney+, and consists of nine more short films; unlike the previous volume, which is purely Japanese, Volume 2 was made by various animation studios in Japan, India, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Chile, France, South Africa, South Korea, and the United States.[1]

Official description[]

"Star Wars: Visions" stretches beyond any one form of animation and serves as a broader framework for celebratory expressions of Star Wars storytelling. Volume 2 will showcase that potential as the shorts go on a global tour, celebrating the incredible animation happening across countries and cultures, through the mythos of Star Wars.[7]


Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 was announced at Star Wars Celebration in 2022.[8] The following year, another Star Wars Celebration was held where the cast of the new nine episodes was confirmed. Since Volume 1 focused heavily on Japanese culture and animation, the creative team wanted to feature more cultures and animation styles; making Volume 2 global. Every episode was produced by a different animation studio in a different country. The writers and animators have discussed incorporating their culture into every story.[9]

For example, the sixth episode entitled "The Spy Dancer" was directed by Julien Chheng and produced by a French animation studio. Chheng has discussed how the history of French Cabarets being utilized as spy operations was purposely baked into the episode.[10]

Volume 2 focused on multiple forms of animation, from 2D and 3D to stop-motion.[11] Episodes three, four, and nine from this volume were all stop-motion; a first for the series.[12]


Each episode of Volume 2 had its own individualized soundtrack release. Some episodes have as few tracks as two like "Screecher's Reach" and other have as many as ten like "In the Stars." All soundtracks were released on May 4th, 2023.[13]

The score for Volume 2, allowed for Star Wars creatives to work with some notable composers such as Daniel Lopatin who used his unique 1980's analog style to bring episode eight, "The Pit," to life.[14]


Volume 2 received six total nominations across four episodes at the Annie Awards in 2023.[15] Two episodes won, those being: Irish based episode two "Screecher's Reach" for Best Direction and South African based finale episode "Aau's Song" for Best Music.[16]


Episode Image Title Production company Country Original airdate
1 Sith-Visions201 "Sith"[2] El Guiri Studios[2] Spain May 4, 2023[2]
2 ScreechersReach-Visions202 "Screecher's Reach"[2] Cartoon Saloon[2] Ireland
3 IntheStars-Visions203 "In the Stars"[2] Punkrobot Studios[2] Chile
4 IAmYourMother-Visions204 "I Am Your Mother"[2] Aardman Animations[2] United Kingdom
5 JourneytotheDarkHead-Visions205 "Journey to the Dark Head"[2] Studio Mir Co., Ltd.[2] South Korea May 4, 2023[2]
6 TheSpyDancer-Visions206 "The Spy Dancer"[2] Studio La Cachette[2] France
7 TheBanditsofGolak-Visions207 "The Bandits of Golak"[2] 88 Pictures[2] India
8 ThePit-Visions208 "The Pit"[2] D'art Shtajio[2]
Lucasfilm Ltd.[2]
United States
9 AausSong-Visions209 "Aau's Song"[2] Triggerfish Animation Studios[2] South Africa


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