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Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination is a traveling exhibit created by the Museum of Science, Boston, featuring props and costumes used in the Star Wars films, but focusing primarily on the science behind George Lucas' fantasy worlds.

Props, costumes, models, etc...[]

The Museum of Science, Boston owns a model Naboo N-1 starfighter, and an R2-D2 suit used in the creation of the films; these will remain on display in the museum, however used in the traveling exhibit space. Other costumes, props, models, puppets, etc. were also used...


Tarfful and Salporin costumes at the Star Wars exhibit

  • Wampa – A costume, not a prop. It was used on a specially scaled set and was added to the original scene to make the Wampa look huge. The costume itself wasn't that big.
  • Snowtrooper – The snowtrooper outfit was displayed near the average cold-weather Antarctica exploration garbs used in our world.
  • Padmé (From Ep. I)
  • Salporin
  • Tarfful


The cover of the book for the exhibit.

Maquettes were very small models. Some of these were:



Several puppets were used in the creation of the Star Wars movies:

Other puppets were used, but these two were put in the exhibit.


The exhibit features a reproduction of the Millennium Falcon's cockpit, placed within a miniature planetarium, and programmed to simulate the appearance, of jumping to light speed. The exhibit explains the basics of the argument, according to Einstein's theories, that faster-than-light travel is impossible. Hosted by Anthony Daniels and R2-D2, the show also travels through the Oort Cloud and outside the galaxy to view many other galaxies discovered outside our own and some of the older parts of the universe.

Another Star Wars element the exhibit discusses is the landspeeder, and various forms of real hovercraft technology. Maglev trains, air-cushion hovercrafts, and the unusual magnetic properties of super-cooled yttrium are all discussed, and how they tie in to the technology in the movies.

Anakin's prosthetic hand as seen at the Star Wars exhibit. This was displayed near a stand with medical connections to our world.

The difficulties of creating functional humanoid robots is also tackled, through a number of hands-on-activities. This could go along with a discussion of real, present-day robots, and why, more often than not, they are not built to be humanoid. Several displays of real robots in our world are included.

Medical technology and its connections to medical technology in the movies are shown. A stand displays real false limbs next to the prosthetic hands for Anakin and Luke in the movies.

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