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Requiem for a Rogue was the fifth story-arc in the X-Wing: Rogue Squadron comics. It ran from March 1 to June 2, 1997.

Plot summary[]

The brave flyers of Rogue Squadron have been assigned to search for a lost Bothan cruise ship. When they find it, they are attacked by a swarm of Imperial TIE fighters and Wedge Antilles is shot down. It is too late to search for him. As the night passes, the Rogues begin to experience extreme motions. The next morning, a renewed flight finds Antilles but takes more casualties. While this is going on, the leader of the Bothans, Girov Dza'tey, is not what he appears to be. His secret military training proves to be advantageous when the natives attack. Dza'tey infiltrates an old Sith Temple, not to rescue the lost Rogues, but to take the power for himself. As the survivors rally for the last assault, reinforcements from Eiattu 6 come. Dllr Nep, captured and subjected to the evil powers from the temple, telepathically contact the wounded Herian I'ngre, and guides her in a kamikaze run on the Sith Temple, killing Dza'tey, themselves, and breaking the link with the corrupt natives. Afterwards, the Rogues lead the Bothans away from the planet while the ghosts of their fallen comrades watch.



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