The Rebel Opposition was the first story arc in the X-Wing: Rogue Squadron comics. It ran from July 1 to October 31, 1995.

Plot summary[]

Rogue Squadron must make a food convoy run from Cilpar to Mrlsst. Cilpar is unaligned, but an Alliance representative, Targeter, has established contact with a Cilpar underground, who wish to join the Alliance. Upon arrival in Cilpar airspace, the Rogues are attacked by TIE fighters. Wes Janson is shot down, so Tycho Celchu lands to recover Janson.

The rest of the squadron heads to their temporary base just west of Kiidan. They soon learn that the food convoy never arrived in the first place because someone tipped off the Imperial forces on the planet. They decide that they must find Targeter and her underground. Elsewhere, Tycho finds Janson and they hide out in a cave. Back at the Alliance encampment, a group of underground forces led by Elscol Loro arrives. They take the Alliance group to Tamarack, Loro's former home, to show the Rogues what Moff Boren Tascl has done to the local populace in his hunting of Rebels. In essence, this makes the Rebels as much a threat as the Imperials.

Back in the cave, Tycho and Janson are surprised to meet a woman they believe at first to be Leia Organa. Actually, she is Winter, who is Cilpar's "Targeter". Back at Tamarack, the underground and Alliance forces are attacked by Tascl's Imperial forces. They manage to escape, though. At the same time, Tycho has made his way to the local Imperial base and managed to infiltrate their ranks as a TIE Interceptor pilot, so that he may make his way back to the others and get help for Janson. Shortly thereafter, he must join the local TIE squadron in attacking the Rebels and underground. In the ensuing battle, Tycho's own astromech, piloting his X-wing, shoots him down--or at least he thinks it is his astromech. It is actually Winter, who then returns to Janson's side.

Back at the cave, shortly after Winter's arrival, Vance Rego, a member of the underground, arrives with a handful of stormtroopers and takes Janson and Winter (whom he believes to be Leia) prisoner. In the jungle, Tycho is "rescued" by the Imperials only to wind up in the same base-bound transport that Winter is in. Vance, the traitor, brings word to the Rebels and underground that Princess Leia (actually Winter) has been captured. They decide to both hit the Imperial base and save "Leia." In the ensuing battle, Tycho once again flies with the Imperials, but soon turns on them. Vance is discovered as a spy and knocked out of a transport by Groznik, Loro's Wookiee companion. he is then devoured by a ronk in the jungle. As for Moff Tascl, Groznik nearly kills him for killing Throm Loro (Elscol's husband), but instead they take him into custody. With the local Imperials dealt a major blow, the Rogues leave for Mrlsst, with Elscol as their newest squadron member, with Groznik in tow.

Behind the scenes[]

The original 4-issue comic series of this series contained a number of spelling and continuity mistakes that were corrected in Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 1. They included:

  • Plourr implying Coruscant was under New Republic control, which it would not be for another couple of years.
  • Wedge referring to a "bfass tunnel" in the Death Star II, which was changed to 'bypass tunnel'.
  • Elscol's comment on there being no Imperial troops within 'a hundred klacks' was changed to 'klicks'.
  • Changing Mrisst to Mrlsst, as this was the correct name of the planet the Rogues head to in the next arc.
  • General changes to the flow of the Targeter story thread, as a lot of it initially did not make sense.
  • Many corrections to spelling/punctuation and minor dialogue tweaks.