Star Wars: X-Wing Tour of Duty: Imperial Pursuit was the first expansion pack for the Star Wars: X-Wing video game, providing new missions for players. It was released in 1993 and was followed by the B-Wing expansion later that year. Subsequent releases of the original game included both expansion packs. Once installed, the Imperial Pursuit missions appeared as "Tour of Duty IV" in the game.

Opening crawl[]

Tour of Duty IV
Having achieved its greatest
victory by destroying the
Empire's dreaded Death Star,
the Rebellion gains new
allies. Emperor Palpatine,
furious at his defeat has
sent a huge armada to destroy
the Rebel base at Yavin.

Despite their new strength, the
Alliance can not withstand
Another attack from the Imperial
Fleet and must flee their base.

Plot summary[]

During the evacuation of Yavin 4 and the search for a new secret location for a new base, the Rebels must resist growing Imperial pressure and the new Interdictor Cruiser.

In the first stage of the tour (missions 1–5) the Rebel Alliance flees Yavin and scatters, to avoid the Empire's retribution over the loss of the Death Star. During the initial evacuation, however, the Rebels lose most of their vital food supplies.

In the second stage (missions 6–14) the Rebels struggle to find food. Overlord Ghorin of the Greater Plooriod Cluster claims to have grown sympathetic to the Rebellion and offers them the much-needed supplies. However, he deceives them and sells them poisoned grain. To avenge his double-cross, the Rebels discredit Ghorin by first stealing some of his Y-wings (to use them for attacks against Imperial food supplies) and then exchanging his regular grain shipments to the Empire with the tainted grain they had received. As a result, Ghorin is executed by Darth Vader.

In the final stage of the campaign (missions 15–20) the Rebels steal TIE Advanced (to study), destroy the frigate Red Wind, and start preparing for Operation Ram's Head. The operation involves the capture of the Corvette Blade 5, which carries the experimental Shield X technology. The Corvette is then used to attack and essentially destroy an Imperial deepdock, by ramming the bridge towers of several Star Destroyers.

Players receive the Shield of Yavin medal for successfully completing the tour of duty.


  1. Escort Corvettes Fleeing Yavin
  2. Provide Area Protection
  3. Ambush of the Cruiser Maximus
  4. Protect the Frigate Anvil
  5. Abandon Ship!
  6. Guard Repair Operations / Protect Vital Supply Container
  7. Hide and Seek
  8. Clear Minefield at Jump Point / Destroy Imperial Comm Sat
  9. Guard Cargo Transfer Area
  10. Grain Snatch
  11. Capture Ghorin's Y-wings
  12. Raid on Imperial Storage Area / Corvette Alley
  13. Grain Exchange
  14. Confirm Grain Delivery
  15. Steal Advanced TIE Fighter
  16. Escort Base Convoy / Support for Possible Allies
  17. Attack the Frigate Red Wind
  18. Capture Imperial Gunboats
  19. Capture Corvette X
  20. Defend the Ram's Head


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Droid models


  • Battle of Yavin (Mentioned only)
  • Evacuation of Yavin
  • Defense of the Anvil (First appearance)
  • Operation Grain Snatch (First appearance)
    • Mission to repair the Op Mus (First appearance)
    • Mission to retrieve a grain supply (First appearance)
    • Mission to steal Imperial food supplies (First appearance)
    • Mission to clear a minefield (First appearance)
    • Mission to destroy an Imperial communications satellite (First appearance)
    • Mission to protect a cargo transfer (First appearance)
    • Mission to steal grain (First appearance)
    • Mission to capture Ghorin's Y-wings (First appearance)
    • Raid on an Imperial storage area (First appearance)
    • Mission to destroy an Imperial food convoy (First appearance)
    • Mission to exchange grain (First appearance)
    • Mission to confirm the grain delivery (First appearance)
  • Imperial ambush of the Leafar (First appearance)
  • Attack on the Red Wind (First appearance)
  • Operation Ram's Head (First appearance)


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Notes and references[]

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