Star Wars 100: First Strike is the one-hundredth issue of the Marvel Star Wars series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

The Nagai invade the Alliance HQ on Endor! A computer has grounded the best Alliance pilotsHan and Luke—and Princess Leia must face the brunt of the attack alone! "First Strike" is a double-sized anniversary spectacular, written by Jo Duffy and penciled by Cynthia Martin.[1]

Plot summary[]

On the forest moon of Endor, Admiral Ackbar administers a pilot training program to several members of the new Alliance of Free Planets. Han Solo works outside the rules of the programming for maximum effect. But although he is the most experienced pilot present, his test results keep him grounded. He later voices his displeasure to Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywalker and his childhood friend from Corellia, Bey.

Later, Mon Mothma learns that a squadron of Nagai ships have been seen flying over Endor. Realizing that their position has been exposed, they prepare to evacuate Endor in order to keep the Ewok population free from their problems with the Nagai.

Lando leads the defense operation against the Nagai ships, while Luke and Han remain on Endor. Anxious for something to do, they go check out some strange activity that had been reported to them by an Ewok named Tippet. Luke and Han find a group of Nagai soldiers on the moon. The ships above Endor are meant as nothing more than a distraction, so that the ground team can take the base while all their best pilots are away. The Nagai discover Luke and Han spying on them and send their robot sentries to stop them. Luke and Han are separated and after the fight, Luke takes his speeder back to warn the Alliance.

Han begins walking back to the HQ on foot when he comes across Bey. Bey reveals that he is the one who informed the Nagai of the Alliance's location. Han asks why Bey would betray them, and he reveals that he is only half-Corellian. His mother was Nagai and he feels more allegiance towards his Nagai side than his Corellian side. Bey is supposed to kill Han, but finds that he cannot. The Nagai known as Knife overhears this and tries to shoot Bey. Instinctively, Bey turns and shoots Knife in the stomach. Knife is Bey's half-brother.

Above the moon of Endor, Lando, Wedge Antilles, Fenn Shysa and other pilots battle the Nagai ships. Lando uses one of Han's crazy piloting techniques to win the day.


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Notes and references[]

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