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Star Wars 103: Tai was the one-hundred-third issue in the Marvel Star Wars series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Leia alone on a world full of hostile aliens... and the only people she has to help her are four teenagers—and one badly wounded enemy! "TAI" is written by Jo Duffy, penciled by Cynthia Martin and inked by Art Nichols.[1]

Plot summary[]

Den Siva is aboard his ship lamenting over a holographic image of Dani; he's wondering where she is and realizing that she was the first Zeltron prisoner the Nagai ever had. He wants to see her again when he gets a message of a new prisoner on board. Commander Knife has brought a prisoner from the Alliance of Free Planets. Discussion turns to lack of word from the squadron at the Trenwyth system in the Stensen sector and how two days earlier word came from a dead world in an Alliance System about an unexpected enemy far superiors in number and fire power. As Knife and Siva turn their attention to their prisoner, he begins sweating.

Princess Leia meanwhile has come out of hyperspace on her way to Zeltros into the middle of a pitched battle in the Trenwyth system and catch a stray blast from an energy cannon that takes out one of their stabilizers. They have recognized some of the ships as being Nagai and speculates the others were from the Trenwyth system. They proceed cautiously over the battlefield littered with bodies and set down after dark to recon the scene, but Leia is cornered by a Nagai and starts to take him down, but he collapses from his injuries.

When he finally regains consciousness, Leia is now joined by several other Zeltrons including Jahn, Marruc and Rahuhl. Leia keeps the injured Nagai as a prisoner as she and the others observe troop movements sweeping the area for survivors, but their prisoner eyes one of their guns. Leia brings him food, but he hasn't talked yet to her yet; he's just silently observing her and the Zeltrons. When she turns from him, he jumps up and traps her in a hold. The Zeltrons notice this and rush to Leia's defense. She frees herself by biting him, but then he attacks the others trying to restrain him. His strength is a bit above par, but he subdues as they use a rope to tie his hands and feet. Leia and the Zeltrons return to their campfire to debate the motives of the attack. Their prisoner meanwhile has dreams of being beaten by a large bald figure with a beard. Leia meanwhile decides to surrender their prisoner who is so unprepared by the act of compassion that he weeps into their hands.

During the time on the planet, their prisoner never leaves them; Marruc believes he is infatuated with Leia. Meanwhile, the enemy movement seems to be moving out. Jahn tells their prisoners stories from her past to their prisoner who by now has turned out to be more of a companion. Once the ship is repaired, Leia promises to leave their guest with supplies and equipment, and at that moment he finally talks and reveals his name as Tai. They depart and Tai eventually departs Trenwyth to report to Den Siva. It turns out he is a Wing Leader who reports on how Leia and the Zeltrons gave him shelter while in hiding from their common enemies. Knife accepts this news of mercy as a sign of weakness and flings a knife into Tai's chest, killing him.


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Behind the scenes[]

This was the final issue of Star Wars to be published monthly. The next four issues were published bi-monthly.


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Notes and references[]

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