Star Wars 105: The Party's Over is the one-hundred-fifth issue in the Marvel Star Wars series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Who has captured whom on Zeltros? That's what everyone wants to know when three different civilizations invade that world! It's up to Luke Skywalker and the Hoojibs to save the day. If that weren't enough, Luke meets the villainous Toffs [sic] for the first time! "The Party's Over" is written by Jo Duffy and drawn by Cynthia Martin.[1]

Plot summary[]

Luke Skywalker and Plif are amused at seeing the ridiculous Hiromi at work. Tofs kick the door in, storm the room, and bully the Hiromi. Plif reads their minds to learn they're enemies of the Nagai from outside the galaxy. The leader orders all Nagai rounded up.

Arno, Leonie, Chewbacca, and others are taken hostages, and Han Solo and Lando Calrissian stew over being caught. Harmon calls Den Siva to report success, then proceeds to a rendezvous point. Han and Lando feel hopeless at the exchange. Den ends communication and turns to the Tofs who have captured him, Princess Leia Organa, and Dani. They taunt Dani with a threat of torture and look forward to "catching up" with the Nagai. Leia's attachés are dragged to Den's room, but break free and fight. The Tof chief orders their deaths but Leia exaggerates their importance in the war against the Nagai. Impressed, he takes them to a shuttle for interrogation, then tells Den to reveal the rendezvous spot. He refuses until the Tof threatens to kill Dani. As he and Den leave, Hoojibs run in, pretending to be dumb animals so as not to alert the guards. Plif "thinks" to Leia what has occurred in the party room and "says" Luke has a plan.

In the kitchen, as a Tof tries to figure out what a lightsaber is and looks down the handle, Luke uses the Force to activate it, killing another. Enraged, the leader threatens to kill the Hiromi, who cowardly blame Luke. Suddenly, Luke is free of his bonds and surrounded by angry Hoojibs. As Tofs rush him, Luke floats the Tof to himself, kills him, and retrieves both 'sabers. He and the Hoojibs attack en masse, but several Tofs chase them to the room holding Leia and Dani, who lash out and trip the Tofs. They open fire but nothing happens, for the Hoojibs drained their blasters earlier.

Luke and the Hiromi arrive and the Tofs are quickly beaten. Luke frees Dani and Leia, then sets out to free Leia's attachés. Leia also wants to free the Nagai and the partiers from the Tofs; Dani protests, wishing all Nagai dead, but finally gives in. Hookyr, Hirog, and other Hiromi cheer wildly at the victory, then stop short when Luke recruits them to help attack the Tof command ship.


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