Star Wars 106: My Hiromi is the one-hundred-sixth issue in the Marvel Star Wars series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

The planet Zeltros has been conquered by two invading armies! The Zeltrons' only hope now is Luke Skywalker, the telepathic Space Bunnies and a dozen cowardly cockroaches! "My Hiromi" is written by Jo Duffy and drawn by Cynthia Martin.[1]

Plot summary[]

Captain Hookyr of the Hiromi race are cheering their victory over their enemy in defeating part of the Tof army with the help of Luke Skywalker and the Hoojibs. When Luke mentions an assault on the main Tof ship, Hookyr and his race are taken aback by Luke's plan to free his friends and other members of the alliance, but the Hiromi are not interested in rushing into battle so soon. Plif isn't so sure of Luke's desire to rush straight-forward into battle either.

Meanwhile, Rahuhl, Jahn and the Zeltrons are being held in a pitso cell after the Nagai have captured Leia, Han, Lando and Chewbacca. They stage an escape, but the Tofs quickly overwhelm them and push them back into the cell.

Leia and Dani have meanwhile freed themselves when Dani notices Den Siva in custody after he betrayed his people to rescue her. Leia talks her down from attacking. Luke meanwhile tries to get info from a captured Tof soldier, but the Hiromi want to use brute force to coerce answers from him. He quickly gives them details on their number and security code. Luke now plans a course of action as the Hiromi follow.

While held as prisoners, Han and Lando remark on how the Zeltrons borrowed architecture from other cultures, but a Nagai officer tell them to stop talking. Meanwhile, the Tofs have turned on the Nagai and made them their prisoners. Han thinks the Tofs have come to the rescue, but then hears he and the others will be executed anyway. Laser blasts start attacking the Tof army as Leia leads a team of Zeltron warriors. A Nagai soldier turns to fire upon Dani, but Den saves her, offering terms of a new alliance with the Nagai.

By now, Luke and the Hiromi have led an attack on the Tof starship by using the security code to land inside and take out the security systems. Luke single-handedly goes against several Tofs with his Jedi training on his side. Plif and his friends take out every system but life support while the Hiromi free the captured Zeltrons, who attack their rescuers after believing them to be the enemy. Luke clears up the confusion. A Tof guard shows up to investigate as Hirog shoots him. Luke meanwhile reveals he has planted a few explosives on board to blow up the Tof ship.


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