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"The odds are perfect for a hotshot like you showing up here. And that's when I'll destroy you, droid-lover!"
―Beilert Valance, to Luke Skywalker[src]

Star Wars 27 is the twenty-seventh issue of the Legends comic book series Star Wars. It was written by Archie Goodwin, illustrated by Carmine Infantino, and first published on June 26, 1979 by Marvel Comics. The issue features the story "Return of the Hunter," in which Valance the Hunter sets his sights on Luke Skywalker.

Publisher's summary[]

Luke is in danger and the only one who can save him is....C3PO [sic]?

Plot summary[]

The bounty hunter Beilert Valance has come to the world of Feriae Junction, where he shoots a cantina patron named Marko Tyne and then retreats to his agent, Skinker, to collect the bounty. Valance's payment is a collection of rebuilt droids, which he melts into slag with several blasts from his weapon. Forced to live as a cyborg due to injuries sustained from an aerial torpedo, Valance has an irrational hatred of all droids and he hunts them down wherever he can find them. Valance's next mission is to find Luke Skywalker. Not only is Luke a droid-owner, but he also apparently treats them as equals, which Valance finds repulsive.

Meanwhile, Luke has taken C-3PO with him in a blockade runner and is mapping out the perimeter of the Galactic Empire's most recent blockade. He deftly maneuvers the runner out of the way of an oncoming Imperial cruiser before making the jump to hyperspace. Now Luke has to find a trading post so that he can find parts needed to make repairs to the disabled R2-D2. He lands the blockade runner on Junction.

Valance discovers that an Imperial spy has been trying to alert the Empire as to Valance's presence on Junction. Valance, being an Imperial defector, can not let his whereabouts be known, so he shoots the spy, killing him before he can transmit a signal.

Luke and C-3PO arrive at Skinker's salvage yard. They acquire the parts they need, but before long Valance returns and finds them. He tries firing at Luke with his blaster, but Luke deflects the shot with his lightsaber. The blast arcs back, striking Valance in the face. Part of his flesh is melted away to reveal cybernetic parts beneath. Valance manages to get Luke's blaster and saber away from him and is prepared to kill him. In a moment of bravery, C-3PO stands between Luke and Valance, declaring that he is ready to sacrifice himself for his master. Moved by behavior which is typically uncharacteristic for a droid, Valance decides to let them go.



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