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"It's a trap!'"
―Han Solo[src]

Star Wars 34: Thunder in the Stars is the thirty-fourth issue in the Marvel Star Wars series of comics.

Plot summary[]

After his defeat at the hands of Luke Skywalker in a duel of lightsabers, Baron Orman Tagge has gone into a state of shock and is kept under heavy sedation on the orders of his brother Silas Tagge. While Han Solo is leading the Rebel Fleet to Feriae Junction under the impression that the Omega Frost is going to be unleashed on their supply planet. But that was a ruse, in reality the weapon is targeting the Junction asteroid corridor just as the fleet is to pass through it. Luke had escaped from the Tagges but his ship has been sabotaged and he is forced to abandon his craft before in crashes into one of the asteroids. With no way to warn the Rebels that they are entering into a trap, he finds and destroys one of the towers which generates the Omega Frost effect just as the Rebel fleet is entering the weapon's range. The fleet then changes course to attack the Tagges' Mining Explorer destroying the ship before Silas and Orman can escape.


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Notes and references[]

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