"You mean Treece turned my city...into a slave camp? King, you've just lost yourself an enemy, and gained the meanest, maddest friend you've ever had!"
Lando Calrissian[src]

Star Wars 57: Hello, Bespin, Good-bye! is the fifty-seventh issue in the Marvel Star Wars series of comics.

Plot summary[]

The Imperial administrator of Cloud City, Captain Hugo Treece, kicks Lando Calrissian off of the edge of the city's rotunda. Lando begins falling through the tibanna gas clouds—to his death. His former aide, Lobot, dons a life-jet and dives off of the edge of Cloud City to retrieve his friend. He catches up to Lando and brings him safely down to the artificial marsh islet of Ugnorgrad—city of the Ugnaughts.

An Ugnaught news crew led by Ars Fivvle and his cameraman, Pordimer, film every moment of Lando's descent. They are broadcasting the event as part of their news program, Action Tidings.

Within minutes Imperial stormtroopers raid the Action Tidings Floatboat caravan. The Ugnaughts race about the boat desperate to forage as much weaponry as they can possibly find. Lando uses the belt drive from one of the caravan ships as a sling and catapults a reel of camera film into the Imperial skimmer's fan, causing it to explode.

On Cloud City, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 and Shira Brie land their X-wing fighters on one of the platforms. They notice that the city is completely deserted. Luke has R2 plug into the central computer in order to determine what caused the evacuation. They discover that an Ugnaught uprising has taken place in the mining facilities and they have planted bombs all throughout the city. As of yet, none of the bombs have been detonated (thanks to the efforts of Lobot). Captain Treece discovers the new arrivals and orders a squad of stormtroopers to open fire on Luke.

Meanwhile, Ars Fivvle takes Lando to see the Ugnaught leader, King Ozz. Ozz tells Lando that Captain Treece turned Cloud City into an Ugnaught slave labor camp. This was the reason the disgruntled workers planted the bombs and abandoned the mining facility. Lando is disgusted to learn of this and promises to help King Ozz overthrow Captain Treece.

Imperial troop transports land on Cloud City and its complement of stormtroopers begins firing at Luke and Shira. Lando, Lobot and the Ugnaughts arrive and join in the fight. Captain Treece shoots Lobot, but it is a glancing shot and the cyborg suffers no real damage.

Luke uses the Force to detonate the primer switches on all of the bombs throughout the city. The spectacle is enough to make everyone believe that he had actually detonated the bombs themselves. The ruse works and Captain Treece and the stormtroopers retreat from Cloud City.

After the Rebels make sure that Cloud City is clean of Imperial influence, Lando has Lobot hack into Treece's illegal bank account on Aargau. He transmits a record of stolen funds from Treece's account to the private account of Darth Vader.


Captain Treece muses that if an accomplishment of his greatly pleases Darth Vader, he will be assured a seat in the Imperial Senate. The Senate was dissolved more than three years earlier, as revealed in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.


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