"You will keep the man amused, won't you, Chewie? And if we don't report back safely in one hour…rip his head off!"
Lando Calrissian[src]

Star Wars 59: Bazarre is the fifty-ninth issue in Marvel's Star Wars series of comics.

Plot summary[]

Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker arrive at the gigantic merchant station known as Bazarre, where they meet with a shifty administrator named Orion Ferret. Lando has dealt with Ferret in the past and does not trust him. However, they need Ferret's connections in order to secure a purchase of four black-market Imperial TIE fighters. After receiving his payment, Ferret lends Luke and Lando a small shuttle-craft programmed with coordinates for a planet known as Patch-4. Patch-4 is a garbage world, and it is here that the TIE fighters have been secreted. Luke and Lando leave Chewbacca on Bazarre while they fly the shuttle to the planet of trash.

With Luke and Lando off the station, Orion attempts to sabotage the Rebels' mission. Ferret believes that if he kills Luke and Lando, he not only gets to keep his money and his ships, but also gets to keep the Millennium Falcon. Knowing that Chewbacca will harm him if he discovers the double-cross, he imprisons the Wookiee inside a gelationus spritzer solution. Chewbacca escapes and chases Orion throughout the station. Orion attempts to flee via his personal shuttle, but Chewbacca disables it with a few well-placed shots from his bowcaster.

On Patch-4. Luke and Lando begin sifting through the wreckage and eventually come upon the half-buried TIE fighters. Suddenly, a large worm-like creature known as a Watchbeast bursts through the ground and attacks them. Luke and Lando retreat into a cave that leads into an underground network of tunnels. Here they meet Serja Kesselrook, a homeless nomad. Serja invites them inside and introduces them to an entire colony of renegades who have remarkably found a way to make Patch-4 their home. Serja tells the Rebels that the Watchbeast, Ceasar, belongs to Orion Ferret. Ferret controls the beast by way of a sonic pacifier located on the shuttle-craft.

Luke and Lando return to the surface. Lando distracts the Watchbeast with blaster fire, allowing Luke the ability to sneak past it and get back to the shuttle. Retrieving the pacifier, Luke activates it, causing the Watchbeast to fall asleep. With nothing left to disrupt their mission, they pick up Chewbacca and bring the four TIE fighters back to the Rebel base on Arbra.


This story takes place concurrently with events of Star Wars (1977) 58.

Leia Organa and Shira Brie only make cameo appearances at the end of this issue.

In a scene where Luke is discussing the Watchbeast, Ceesar, he says: "We didn't come to feed Ceasar…we came to bury him." This line paraphrases "I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him" from the William Shakespeare play Julius Caesar. This is one of several allusions to the real world in the Marvel Comics Star Wars series.


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