Star Wars 73: Lahsbane is the seventy-third issue in the Marvel Star Wars series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Star Wars #73 will now feature a story by Mary Jo Duffy, pencilled by Ron Frenz and inked by Armando Gil [sic], in which we witness a team up between PRINCESS LEIA and a woman who has designs on none other than LUKE SKYWALKER.[1]

Plot summary[]

Following Dani's joining of the Rebels in the previous issue. Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Lando Calrissian, R2-D2, C-3PO, and Dani have come to Lahsbane on a mission to recover the datatapes of a crashed Rebel pilot, Yom Argo. As Luke tries to converse with the native Lahsbees using C-3PO to translate, he is thwarted by their less than serious demeanor as well as Dani's amorous advances. The Lahsbee eventually explain that both Argo and a Lahsbee that was helping him were killed in the crash, and the natives had taken the tapes to the Forbidden City to honor their fallen comrade. The city is separated from their landing zone by a large canyon, but the Rebels are unable to fly there due to the Millennium Falcon's intake valves becoming clogged by a fine pollen present on the world. R2 begins work on removing the pollen, but it will be a day-long job. Unfortunately, a shuttle of Imperials were also on the trail of Argo, and had also landed on the world, making the retrieval of the tapes much more urgent. As the Imperial officer begins to question the local Lahsbee, Lando and Luke scramble to hide their presence from the Imperials, leaving Leia and Dani feeling useless. The two women begin to insult each other over their apparent lack of importance, eventually challenging each other to retrieve the Argo datatapes to prove their worth. Both agree to set out for the Forbidden City at nightfall.

At dusk, the two women acquire a pair of hot air balloons to cross the canyon. As they prepare to cross, they are nearly discovered by the Imperials but escape detection through Dani's quick thinking. The two eventually make their way to the city and begin to explore, surprised that the doorways of the city are quite large, since the native Lahsbees are a very diminutive species. Meanwhile, back with the Millennium Falcon, C-3PO tells Lando and Luke of Dani and Leia's mission, who are both shocked, fearing for their safety. Luke immediately sets out to find them, using a primitive glider. At the same time, Lando is suddenly attacked by a Huhk, the mature form of the Lahsbee race, an aggressive, hulking beast. Chewbacca attempts to fight off the Huhk, but is slowly overpowered by the larger creature. C-3PO explains that once Lahsbees become Huhks, they go to the Forbidden City to live, giving Lando another reason to fear for Leia and Dani's safety. Right before Chewbacca is about to succumb to the Huhk's stranglehold, Lando is able to hit the Huhk with a stun blast, knocking him unconscious.

Meanwhile, at the Forbidden City, Leia and Dani eventually locate the datatapes among a huge treasure trove. As Leia secures the tapes, Dani takes the time to steal a large amount of the treasure in the room. However, as they leave, they are confronted by a large group of Huhks, who quickly back the women into a corner. Without weapons, the two are helpless, but are saved at the last moment by Luke, who stuns the Huhks with his blaster. With the tapes in hand, the group makes their way back to the Millennium Falcon which has been repaired by R2. The Lahsbees are content to let the Rebels take the tapes after learning that they are related to advanced technology, something that they detest. As the Rebels prepare to leave, they are shocked to see the Imperial shuttle flying through the sky, as the Lahsbees had reported the Imperials to still be out on patrol. On the Imperial shuttle, Dani is surrounded by a load of treasure that she had stolen from the Forbidden City and on a course back to Rik Duel.


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Behind the scenes[]

This issue was originally intended to feature the story Hoth Stuff!, which eventually appeared in issue 78.[3]

The New Essential Chronology placed the search for Tay Vanis (starting here and concluded in issue #80) after Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.


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