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Star Wars 76 is the seventy-sixth issue of the Legends comic book series Star Wars. It was written by Mary Jo Duffy, illustrated by Ron Frenz, Tom Palmer, and Glynis Oliver, and first published by Marvel Comics on July 19, 1983.

The issue features the story "Artoo-Detoo to the Rescue," in which R2-D2 saves his Rebel friends from Imperial captivity, and the conflict on Iskalon continues.

Publisher's summary[]

Lando Calrissian and Mon [sic] are trapped in the Empire-controlled citadel of Gamander [sic]. And their lives may depend on the strangest undercover agent of all—R2-D2.

Plot summary[]

On the bridge of the Executor, Darth Vader is in a meeting with his officers as he discusses the situation in the Iskalon system. During a conversation about the search for Tay Vanis, Vader is interrupted by a corporal who informs Vader of message for him from the Gamandar Citadel. K-3PX, Vader's spy on Gamandar, has contacted Vader to inform him of Admiral Griggor Tower's attack on the planet Iskalon. The attack had inadvertently endangered Vader's son, Luke Skywalker, enraging Vader. Meanwhile, Luke and Leia Organa are busy on Iskalon, trying to take care of the dead and wounded in the aftermath of the Iskalon effect. Kiro, a Chuhkyvi warrior helps the two Rebels by defending them from the feral Chiaki. As the group lament the destruction, the traitor Kendle appears. With Primor dead and his son Mone missing, Kendle has placed herself at the head of the School, declaring the Rebels and Kiro to be responsible for the destruction, and the Iskalonians attack.

Back on Gamandar, Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, Mone, and C-3PO are in an Imperial cell, while R2-D2 poses as droid assistant in Gamandar's droid detail. Admiral Tower begins to interrogate the Rebels, explaining to Mone that Kendle betrayed them to the Empire in hopes that the Empire would save him and her people in exchange. As Chewbacca attempts to break down the cell door, he is hit by an electrical shock. Before Tower can remove the Wookiee from his cell, he is confronted by K-3PX with an order from Darth Vader. Tower is placed under arrest on orders of Vader, who is angered by Tower's rash attack on Iskalon that may have killed Skywalker. As the Admiral is led away by stormtroopers, R2-D2 sneaks into the cell block and releases his friends who all escape to the Millennium Falcon. Over a hologram, Vader orders Tower's execution and prepares to visit Iskalon himself to track down his son.

Meanwhile, on Iskalon, Kiro, Luke, and Leia are trying hold out against both the Imperials and the School, led by Kendle. In one particular ferocious attack, Kiro's water tank is smashed, putting him in danger of suffocation. Luke grabs the Chuhkyvi and makes a run for the water, hoping to save his friend. However, before he can make it, a large Chiaki arises from the water to attack. Luckily for the Rebels, the Millennium Falcon arrives at the last second, killing the Chiaki. The dead corpse lands directly on Kendle, killing her and ending the fighting. As Luke places Kiro into the water to allow him to breathe, the Millennium Falcon lands among the wreckage. Mone goes to his dead wife's body, grieving over both her death and her betrayal. As the School begins to question their future, Mone steps up, declaring himself the new leader. He declares that from now on the School will stay within the depths of Iskalon, isolating themselves from "airbreathers." The School swims off into the distance, leaving the Rebels to watch, contemplating the future of Iskalon.


In The New Essential Chronology, the search for Tay Vanis—which is depicted in Star Wars 76—is dated to "3.5 ABY," immediately after the events of Shadows of the Empire and Star Wars: TIE Fighter.[2]



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