Star Wars 85 is the eighty-fifth issue of the Legends comic book series Star Wars. It was written by Mary Jo Duffy, illustrated by Bob McLeod, and first published on April 17, 1984 by Marvel Comics. The issue features the story "The Hero," in which Lando Calrissian, Han Solo, and Chewbacca are pursued by bounty hunters sent by Barpotomous Drebble.

Publisher's summary[]

Bet you didn't know that Chewbacca had a wife and family! But he may never get to see them again—when bloodthirsty bounty-hunters attack him on his way back to the Wookiee planet! And if Lando and Han can't help—who can?

Plot summary[]

Commendation for Drebble[]

Inside a tavern on Keyorin, Barpotomous Drebble is speaking with his associates, Bossk, IG-88A, and two Stenaxes. In an extended rant, Drebble vows revenge against Lando Calrissian for cheating him years earlier.

Meanwhile, in Bright Tree Village, Lando, Han Solo, and Chewbacca are in a card game with the local Ewoks, trying to teach them how to gamble. When Lando wins, Chewbacca becomes angry, throwing down his cards, believing Lando to have cheated. Han explains to Lando that Chewbacca is simply frustrated that he hasn't been able to see his family back on his homeworld for a long time.

Wedge Antilles comes to the three and tells them that a meeting with Mon Mothma and Gial Ackbar is about to begin. The Rebels arrive as the two Rebel leaders begin to address the Rebels on the establishment of a new government. Luke and Leia are out on missions to planets to ask their leaders to come to Endor to have a voice in the new government, but more are needed to do the same. At the end of the meeting, Ackbar mentions the mysterious "Captain Drebble" and his exploits on Gamandar and Arcan IV.

Lando, who is the real "Captain Drebble," having used the named during previous escapades, is shocked to hear that the Rebel leaders have decided to declare Drebble a hero and give him a commendation for his actions. At the end of the meeting, Han volunteers himself and Chewbacca for a mission to Keyorin, a planet near Kashyyyk. Lando joins his friends in the Cobra so that the group will have two ships, and Chewbacca can have an extended stay with his family on Kashyyyk if he wishes.

The Hunter's World[]

After arriving on Keyorin, the "Hunter's World," the group meets with the Boss, the planetary leader. The Boss misinterprets the Rebels' intentions and believes they are there to try and secure protection money. However, Han convinces him otherwise, claiming that a place in the new government is something he will not want to pass up. The Boss is convinced, and he tells Solo that he'll think about the offer, clearly interested in having his say in the new government.

Done with their diplomatic mission, Lando, Han, and Chewie make their way to a local tavern. After ordering drinks, the Rebels see Bossk enter and Lando and Chewie attempt to hide. Han is confused by his friends' actions, and the two explain that during Solo's imprisonment in carbonite, they sent several gangs and hunters after Solo in their effort to rescue him. Attempting to leave quietly after paying the bill, Lando sees Drebble, and his associates pull weapons. The Rebels run out of the bar, but a member of Lemo and Sanda's gang recognizes Solo, and he and another gang member join the chase.

Evading the gangs[]

In the ensuing scramble, the Rebels are stunned right outside the Falcon. Lemo and Sanda's gang demand that Drebble turn over Han and Chewbacca to them. Drebble only has need for Lando, and he allows Solo and Chewbacca to be taken away. Lemo hangs Han and Chewie from energy binders to learn where the Dancing Goddess is, a statue that the gang has been pursuing. When Lemo mentions "Captain Drebble," who had deceived them on Arcan IV, Han tells Lemo that Drebble was the one has the statue and that he had betrayed them both.

Back on the Millennium Falcon, Lando awakens to find his captors about to depart for Drebble's homeworld, but when Drebble starts to mess with the controls on the ship, a hologram of Mon Mothma shows up on the video screen, reminding all personnel about "Captain Drebble" and the need to reward him. Honored at the distinction, Drebble begins to take to his new status as a hero when Lemos's gang arrives to capture Lando who they still believe to be "Drebble." At the same time, Chewbacca fakes his own death to fool the gang member who is still guarding them.

The ruse tricks the guard, and they are able to escape, putting the gang member in the energy binders. Free from their imprisonment, Han and Chewie leave to rescue Lando. As Drebble's group and Lemo and Sanda's gang face off at the Millennium Falcon, Lando devises a plan to help him escape the situation. He and Drebble leave the Millennium Falcon, pretending to surrender, but the plan is disrupted as Han and Chewie arrive, triggering a violent reaction from Lemo and Sanda's gang. In the ensuing firefight, Lemo's gang is outflanked by Drebble's Stenaxes, and they surrender. Pleased with his heroic actions, Drebble decides to let the Rebels go. Lando, honoring Mon Mothma's decree to reward "Captain Drebble," gives the new hero his prize. To Lemo and Sanda's shock, the reward is the Dancing Goddess.


In Star Wars 85, Mon Mothma mentions that Luke Skywalker is on a diplomatic mission to other planets, implying that the issue is set concurrently to Star Wars 82 and Star Wars 87.



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