Star Wars 90: The Choice is the ninetieth issue in the Marvel Star Wars series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

An all-new post-Jedi adventure, presented as only Marvel can present it! What will happen to Luke and Leia now that the rebels have won the war? It's a major turning point in the Star Wars saga—and it guest-stars Rik Duel! And the Kiro gang! And—hold onto yer hats—the Ewoks![2]

Rik, Dani and Chihdi [sic] promise to be good, but no sooner do they land with Luke and Leia on Endor when they're up to their ears in trouble again! What is the future of the Alliance? Luke, Leia and the rebel leaders must decide—and fast! "The Choice!" is written by Jo Duffy, penciled by Bob McLeod and inked by Tom Palmer![1]

Plot summary[]

Following the events on Shawken, Luke Skywalker, Plif, Rik Duel, Chihdo, and Dani are rushing back to the forest moon of Endor to get medical care for Kiro. At the same time, Leia Organa and Mon Mothma have returned to Endor following the events on Herdessa. Leia watches as Kiro is removed from the Moonshadow and brought to intensive care. At dusk, Luke and Leia discuss the future they have created for themselves. Leia is concerned about the transition from a rebel movement to a new galactic government. Luke reassures Leia, but warns that they need to be very cautious in the future, as the secret of their parentage needs to remain hidden. The two don't intend to go announce that their father was Darth Vader.

After finishing their talk, the two decide to visit Kiro who is finally recovering. Kiro awakes to find Leia and Luke staring down at him. The three discuss the events on Shawken, including the destruction of the Shawken Device. Luke questions how Kiro knew how to disable the device, eventually coming to the conclusion that Kiro is Force-sensitive. Kiro requests to Luke that he train him to be a Jedi, so that he can become a Jedi Knight. However, Luke refuses; he is not yet ready to take on students. Kiro is distraught at the news, and he yells out at his friends. Depressed, he tells the two to leave him alone. Meanwhile, the First Conference of Free Peoples has begun, headed over by Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma. The two are eager to outline the important aspects of a new galactic government. As the conference begins to discuss the basis for the Alliance of Free Planets, Mon Mothma mentions that those who are not present will be forfeiting their right to vote.

Back with Luke and Leia, the two are discussing the situation with Kiro, as the Iskalonian has been ignoring them and opting to hang out with Rik Duel and his gang. Rik has been gambling with the local soldiers, winning a considerable amount of money. However, one of the soldiers, Crin, becomes irritated by the loss of money and pulls his blaster pistol on the Corellian. A small scuffle breaks out, and Chihdo is shot, falling from the treetop village. Luke is able to use the Force to lower Chihdo to the ground, but tensions are raised around the card game. A violent shootout is avoided when Luke intervenes, disarming Crin. Rik, infuriated by the attack on Chihdo, tells Luke to kill Crin. Although Luke has no intention of killing the wayward Rebel, Kiro intervenes, claiming that Luke is a trustworthy friend with good intentions and that the group should not attack each other as they are all allies in the Rebellion. Kiro understands that he must be patient with Luke and that he can still learn from his friend, even if he has refused to train him in the Force. Meanwhile, the First Conference of Free Peoples has ended. Mon Mothma claims to Admiral Ackbar that Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, and Han Solo have lost the right to help govern the new government since they missed the meeting. Ackbar responds that the result may be for the best.


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Behind the scenes[]

This issue immediately follows the events of two earlier issues, Star Wars 87 and Star Wars 88. This issue takes place concurrently with Star Wars 91.

The Choice was originally intended to appear in the previous issue.[2]


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Notes and references[]

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