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Star Wars 96: Duel With a Dark Lady is the ninety-sixth issue in the Marvel Star Wars series of comics.

Publisher's summary[]

There's a new Dark Lord in the galaxy, and she's out for Luke's head! Not only must Luke fight Lumiya, he must also deal with who and, more dangerously, what she really is! "Duel With a Dark Lady!" written by Jo Duffy, penciled by Cynthia Martin and inked by Bob Wiacek.[1]

Plot summary[]

Luke Skywalker battling Lumiya.

Luke Skywalker faces off with the Dark Lady Lumiya. Lumiya and her lightwhip soundly defeat Luke, whom Lumiya then captures; she has already captured the Zeltron, Dani. Meanwhile, Kiro, a water-breathing Iskalonian who had already been defeated by Lumiya and left for dead, jury-rigs breathing equipment and goes to rescue Luke and Dani. He finds Luke first, and Luke formulates a plan to defeat Lumiya. The two find her, and Luke reclaims his lightsaber from her with the Force. Lumiya expects to defeat him again, only Luke reveals his plan - he has created a shoto which, in concert with his lightsaber, allow him to match Lumiya's lightwhip. Luke manages to rip the whip from her hands, and she charges him, enraged; he sidesteps and cuts half of her armor off, revealing the face beneath, that of Shira Brie. Luke tries to reach out to the good in her, but before he has any success, the Nagai invasion fleet appears out of hyperspace in the skies overhead . . .


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Notes and references[]

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