Star Wars 99 is the ninety-ninth issue of the Legends comic book series Star Wars. It was written by Mary Jo Duffy, illustrated by Ron Frenz, and first published on June 18, 1985 by Marvel Comics. The issue features the story "Touch of the Goddess," in which Han Solo and Luke Skywalker launch a mission to save Lando Calrissian.

Publisher's summary[]

Talk about pouring gasoline on a fireLando's in trouble, and the only way Han and Luke can save him is to start a war! Plus: the long-awaited return of Captain Drebble [and] Lemo! And discover how Sanda clears up the mystery of the Dancing Goddess

Plot summary[]

Luke is reminiscing about the recent "death" of Kiro at the Alliance's base on Endor. Lando's attempt to console Luke leads to a discussion about the rapidly escalating Nagai conflict. Meanwhile, Han and his childhood friend Bey are on a mercy mission with Admiral Ackbar to the planet Godo where a strange techno virus is slowly killing the population. The virus is incredibly deadly to any outsiders who do not take a protective precontainment radiation bath. Although the baths and medicines taken by visiting outsiders prevents others from contracting the disease, the native Godoans use the methods to little effect, merely slowing the effects of the virus. As Ackbar and the group survey the ailing population, Ackbar mentions that he will soon need to return to the fleet to supervise the shipment of weapons to those worlds beleaguered by war. However, he promises to check in with the scientists who are trying to isolate the exact cause of the disease. Before Ackbar departs, he accompanies Han and Bey to the House of the Goddess, a temple which contains an idol to the Godoan's deity, and legend has it, the source of the terrible disease. Surveying the giant structure, Han notices that the building is not just a temple but also a machine. After bringing C-3PO, R2, and Chewbacca to the temple, it is confirmed that the entire structure is a techno-organic construct designed to make Godo habitable to the native species. According to R2's tests, the machine is in perfect working condition save for two missing pieces that are shaped like miniature statues.

Han puts two and two together and recognizes that the pieces correspond with two statues that used to be in the possession of Lando, and the group races back to Endor to confront him. Lando admits that he won the statues in a game of sabacc, but that one had been stolen by Lemo and Sanda's gang and the other had been given to Barpotomous Drebble as a gift. The group splits up to find the statues. Han and Luke visit Lemo and Sanda in a prison asteroid in the Keyorin system, promising to free them from the facility if they hand over the statue. With the transaction complete, the duo visit Arcan IV, Lemo and Sanda's old base, and secure the statue. Meanwhile, Lando and Chewbacca arrive on Stenos to ask Drebble for the statue but are inexplicably attacked by the locals. Dodging blaster fire, they eventually meet up with Drebble, now a respected leader on Stenos, who after being persuaded by Lando, gives up the statue willingly, claiming that if he insisted on keeping it, he would not deserve it.

Back on Godo, Han replaces one of the statues, but it is not enough to restart the machine. Just as it seems as though their Godoan interpreter might succumb to the virus, Lando rushes into the temple with the last statue. With the machine complete, there is a great flash of light and the red fumes of the atmosphere seem to immediately dissipate. As the native Godoans rush to their temple to celebrate, the group makes to leave the planet, claiming that they still need to complete several arms deliveries. Back with the fleet above Godo, the group's recovering interpreter transmits a message to the Falcon to report on the improving situation. However, due to the implications of outsiders in removing pieces of their temple, the House of the Goddess has been sealed permanently against all outsiders. During this notification, Lando begins to break out in a sweat, collapsing on the floor of the Falcon. In his rush to return the last piece to the temple, Lando had forgotten to take a protective bath, making him vulnerable to the virus. When Han informs the Godoan interpreter that they are bringing Lando back to the temple, the Godoan stands by the decree, declaring that no outsider may enter the temple.

Furious with the Godoans over their actions, Solo threatens to destroy the capital city and the temple if they will not help save Lando. Admiral Ackbar immediately condemns the action, trying to make Han see reason, but many of the other members of the fleet support Han. With the lines drawn, Han counts down from ten, claiming that when he finishes, his group will start blasting. Han reaches two before the Godoans relent, allowing Lando to enter the temple. With Lando in full recovery, Admiral Ackbar claims that as no physical harm was done, he will not take any action against Solo's behavior. Officially, it never happened.



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