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Star Wars is a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991. The head designer was Akila Redmer with contributions from Kalani Streicher, Kelly Flock, and Mike Ebert.[1] The object is to pilot a landspeeder around Tatooine, explore caves, assemble all the necessary characters, gather a lightsaber and shields for the Millennium Falcon, navigate through a meteor shower to the Death Star, battle stormtroopers, and destroy the Death Star. A port of the game for the Nintendo's Game Boy was released in 1991.

Opening crawl[]





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Tatooine Desert[]

"It's not my fault sir. Please Don't deactivate me. I told R2-D2 not to go but he's faulty, malfunctioning! He kept babbling on about his mission."

Pursued by the Empire, two droids in the service of the Rebellion, R2-D2 and C-3PO, manage to escape to the planet Tatooine. They are recovered by Jawas and are subsequently sold to Luke Skywalker and his Uncle Owen. Unbeknownst to his new owners, the smaller droid, R2-D2 slips away. C-3PO is left to explain to Skywalker that R2 spoke of fulfilling his mission before escaping. Luke takes C-3PO along as he uses his landspeeder to traverse the desolate wilderness, avoiding dangers such as charging banthas and strategic radar stations.

Having received word that the Rebel droids have the stolen Death Star plans, Darth Vader has sent a scouting party down to the Tatooine as well in hopes to intercept them. He sent out various Imperial Probes to search for the droids and use deadly force if encountered. Meanwhile his Stormtroopers have set up laser cannons throughout the desert to prevent any resistance to the Empire's operation.

Laser Cave[]

Luke's first stop is the cave entrance to the Laser Cave. Luke navigates the dark, expansive cavern while jumping over large gaps with deadly sharp bones at the bottom. Another deadly trap Luke encounters is volatile ooze dripping from the stalagmites on the ceiling.


"My scanners show that R2-D2 is located in this Sandcrawler."

Continuing their search back on Luke's landspeeder, C-3PO's scanners confirm that R2-D2 is being held within the Jawas' massive sandcrawler, confirming that R2-D2 was once again captured by Jawas as he traversed the Tatooine Desert alone.

Upon inquiring about R2-D2's whereabouts, Luke is immediately met with resistance from the Jawas and must fight his way to R2-D2's location. Luke discovers that the inner workings of the Sandcrawer double as traps for intruders, such as Metal Mashers that are made to pound scrap metal with deadly force. Luke also uses these mechanics to his advantage, as he runs along conveyer belts and jumps along anti-gravity Jump Boosters to ascend to higher levels, blasting hostile Jawas along the way. A blue guard droid proves formidable as it emits a devastating energy blast and is immune to Luke's blaster shots. After navigating the maze of the sandcrawler, Luke finally finds R2-D2 at the very top. After being rescued, R2-D2 explains more of his mission to C-3PO: he is searching for his master, who is a resident of Tatooine by the name of General Kenobi.

Tusken Cave[]

"Sir, R2-D2 here says that he is the property of a General Kenobi."

Before investigating this lead, Luke searches nearby caves for supplies before advancing onwards. With C-3PO and R2-D2 in tow, Luke explores the Tusken Cave, named for its vicious native inhabitants. The uneven ground on the inside sets off deadly boulders barreling towards Luke, who continues to ascend the paths. The cave is also plagued by dripping ooze, as well as crawling Sand Slugs, which Luke dispatches with his blaster. As the cave opens up, Luke is faced with smaller platforms that require long jumps to traverse. He dodges and blasts swarms of sand flies, who instinctively attack and try to knock Luke into the abyss below.

Deep inside the cave its primary inhabitants, Sand People and Tusken Raider, recognize Luke as an intruder and attack without warning. In combat with Tusken Raiders, Luke avoids their swinging gaffi sticks and counterattacks when he is out of melee range. The Sand People carry out their attack with powerful energy blasts released from their body.

Rock Hound's Lair[]

The next cave Luke searches for supplies is the Rock Hound's Lair. This green-tinted cave is populated by Womp Rats, which hide among rocks and jump out at an unwitting Luke as he explores deeper into the cave. Despite their short stature, Luke is able to pick them off with his blaster from a crouching position. Jumping across small outcroppings, Luke skillfully avoids natural spike pits and leaves the cave with an acquired shield.

Crawler Cavern[]

Luke's next stop in the Landspeeder is the green-tinged Crawler Cavern. Luke proceeds to descend downward whilst blasting the occasional Giant Slugs that inhibits his movement. Along the way Luke is aided by several Life Energy Globes and a shield before exiting.

Raider's Camp[]

Luke notices a smaller cave on the way and investigates, only to find this is the dwelling of several hostile Sand People. Finding them beyond reason, Luke has no choice but to fight back. While their speed and ferocity is unmatched, Luke carefully dispatches of them from a distance with his blaster. On his way out, he recovers a shield.

Kenobi's Cave[]

"I have something for you. Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough. It's your father's lightsaber."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi[2]

Acting on R2-D2's lead, Luke takes the droids to the home of Ben Kenobi. The old desert hermit is well-hidden by the hazards of the cave, which is infested with Flying Insectoids. These flying creatures suddenly swarm Luke as he jumps across narrow outcroppings to avoid spiky pitfalls. Precise blaster aim and jumping brings Luke in contact with Ben Kenobi.

Kenobi recognizes Luke, confirming himself to be the general and Jedi Knight of legend now known as Ben Kenobi. Kenobi then bestows Luke the lightsaber of his father. C-3PO interjects to remind them of R2-D2's claim to be Kenobi's property. Despite Kenobi's doubts of owning a droid, R2 projects a message of Princess Leia Organa. The desperate princess has found herself imprisoned, and requests Kenobi bring the droids to Alderaan. Kenobi jumps back into action to help the cause of the Rebellion, and he insists on Luke coming along and learning the ways of the Force.

Mos Eisley[]

"I'm Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon. Chewie said you're looking for passage to the Alderaan System."
―Han Solo[2]

The group travels by landspeeder to Mos Eisley to find a pilot to deliver them to Alderaan. Shortly after arriving at the spaceport, Luke is tipped off about a skilled pilot in a nearby Cantina by Chewbacca. Luke fights through hordes of hostile bounty hunters (now with a lightsaber at his disposal) as the group makes their way to the booths in the back of the bar. There they finds Han Solo, veteran space pilot at his favorite hang out spot. For a considerable fee, Solo agrees to transport the party to the Alderaan system in his ship, the Millennium Falcon. Han and Chewbacca join the group as they leave the bar and make their way towards the hangar where the Millennium Falcon resides.

Han and Luke fight side-by-side as the party makes their way through the streets of Mos Eisley. They're attacked by Jawas vengeful over the Sandcrawler assault. With the Empire hot on their trail, they must also avoid Imperial Stormtroopers now patrolling the streets to intercept them. The Empire has also now enlisted bounty hunter Boba Fett to bring them in, dead or alive.

The presence of troops increases outside of Docking Bay 94 where Stormtroopers are hoping to intercept Han before he can leave the planet. The heroes fight through them whilst navigating through the dangerous laser security systems of the hangar. Narrowly escaping another wave of Stormtroopers, Han orders Chewbacca to immediately take off once they're onboard the Millennium Falcon.

Asteroid Field[]

"Chewie, get us out of here!"
―Han Solo[2]

After the Millennium Falcon blasts out of Mos Eisley, they evade Imperial pursuit by jumping into hyperspace after setting course for Alderaan. Upon reaching their destination, the Millennium Falcon finds itself in an uncharted asteroid field. They deduce this swarm of planetoids is all that remains of Alderaan, destroyed by the Empire's new super weapon—the Death Star.

The asteroid field presents imminent danger to the Millennium Falcon; Han Solo pushes his piloting skills to limit to evade oncoming asteroids and reduce damage to the Millennium Falcon's deflector shield.

After Solo successfully steers the ship out of the asteroid field, the party find themselves face to face with the source of Alderaan's destuction, the Death Star. The Millennium Falcon is helpless to escape after being locked into the Death Star's tractor beam and pulled into a hangar.

The Death Star[]

Now trapped in the Death Star, the party sets about to disable the tractor beam in order to escape in the Millennium Falcon. They blast their way through Stormtroopers guarding the hangar and ascend upwards through a series of Vacuum Tubes and platforms to find the Control Room. They find the area guarded by Large Sized Combat Droids in the air and Stormtroopers on the ground, but they manage to clear a path so R2-D2 can tap into the Imperial Computer Network. Upon interfacing, R2 is able to produce detailed maps of the interior of the Death Star—not only locating the tractor beam, but the location of the imprisoned Princess Leia Organa as well. As C-3PO interprets R2's discovery, he also makes the grim realization that Leia is scheduled to be terminated, thus adding urgency to their rescue effort.

With R2 locked onto the Tractor Beam's power source, the party follows a series of elevators to disable the unit. They find the area heavily guarded by fixed guns and moving lasers. Luke and Han must climb ladders on either side to reach the Tractor Beam unit with blaster fire (the tractor beam is protected against attacks by Luke's lightsaber). After evading the security system, the unit is destroyed by blaster fire. After leaving, they are back on the trail of Leia.


Luke Skywalker inside a cave on Tatooine

The plot of the game is mostly based on the story of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, with changes to suit a video game. Characters have to fight their way from scene to scene. Luke Skywalker must rescue R2-D2 from a Jawa sandcrawler, which he ends up in after leaving to find Obi-Wan Kenobi. He also travels through a series of caves on Tatooine filled with dangerous creatures. It also does not show Obi-Wan being killed by Vader, although the guide in Nintendo Power does nonetheless reference Obi-Wan's death at the hands of Vader.

For the most part, the game is a typical side-scrolling platformer. Luke uses the lightsaber as his primary attack, and he can also use the Force to execute special maneuvers like floating, speeding, and stopping time, among others. When the characters are rescued, they will help Luke by providing hints and other actions that are important to progress through the game. Between planets, the game switches to a first-person shooter perspective as the Millennium Falcon is forced to fight a wave of TIE fighters that prevent the player's entrance to the next planet. The final level involves using the X-wing against the Death Star. The X-wing travels through a long corridor; at the end, proton torpedoes will be shot automatically in order to destroy the station. If the player fails to get to the end before time runs out, the Death Star will destroy Yavin 4, and the game will be over.

Each character has different attributes. Obi-Wan Kenobi can resurrect Han Solo or Princess Leia five times. R2-D2 can display a map of Death Star hallways.

The game is particularly difficult, since it gives only three lives and two continues. The Millennium Falcon can sustain three hits before being destroyed, although collecting Millennium Falcon shield items beforehand can expand its life gauge to allow for nine hits.


  1. Laser Cave
  2. Rock Hounds' Lair
  3. Crawler Cavern
  4. Sandcrawler
  5. Obi-Wan's Cave
  6. Tusken Cave
  7. Raider's Lair
  8. Mos Eisley #1
  9. Cantina
  10. Mos Eisley #2
  11. Docking Bay 94
  12. Death Star Hangar
  13. Death Star Hallway #1
  14. Tractor Beam
  15. Death Star Hallway #2
  16. Trash Compactor
  17. Millennium Falcon Gunner
  18. X-Wing
  19. Death Star Trench


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