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Infinity's End, Part 2 is the twenty-fourth issue in the Star Wars: Republic series of comics. It was published on November 22, 2000 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

On the witch-world of Dathomir, as Jedi Quinlan Vos continues his investigation into the disappearance of the planet Ova, Quin is forced to dig a little deeper by masquerading as a slave. When he uncovers the secrets of the Infinity Gate and the grotesque hag Ros-Lai, he takes a step closer to the truth about the planet's disappearance -- and a step closer to the dark side. Will he unearth the mystery? Or will he find out that some stones are better left unturned?

Plot summary[]

While tunneling to the chamber of the mysterious Star Chamber, Mistress Zalem and Vonya are attacked by one of the ancient guardians. They were only able to confuse the creature, which burrowed to the surface and attacked the witch's slaves, including one Quinlan Vos. Quin allowed himself to be swallowed by the beast, and once inside, killed the creature with his lightsaber. Because of his ingenuity, Quin was rewarded by the Nightsister Queen with a "promotion" of sorts. He and his friend Yag Shushin were transferred to the Kwi pens to become Lizard Keepers. Once there, the foreman explains to Quin the process of chopping off each Kwi's left hand. Disgusted, Quin attacks the man, and kills the entire crew, save for his friend Yag, and sets the Kwi prisoners free. As they leave, one of the Kwi stops, and offers his hand to Quin. Taking it in his own, Quin begins to learn psychometrically from the being of the history of its people. He explains how his people once known as the Kwa used to travel the galaxy between Infinity Gates. Once the species began to decline, they sealed of the Gates inside Star Temples, and put the guardians in place to protect them. Since Quin had killed the local Temple's guardian, he had to take its place. After the Kwi leaves, Quin realizes that the deformed Nightsister known as "the Rancor" has been watching him. After tailing her, Quin sees her transform from her hideous visage into a beautiful young woman, using the Force. After she explains her plan to beat Zalem to the Star Temple and take over the clan for herself, she force-chokes Quin.



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