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Infinity's End, Part 3 is the twenty-fifth issue in the Star Wars: Republic series of comics. It was published on December 27, 2000 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

The witch Ros Lai has revealed her true self to Jedi Quinlan Vos, and now she wants him dead. While Quin wants to find a way into the Star Chamber in order to stop it from being used ever again, Ros Lai needs to activate the Chamber's power in order to kill her wicked mother, the witch Zalem. Either way, it looks like Quin is going to have to deal with a whole mess of angry witches before his job will be finished! Written by acclaimed Marshal Law creator Pat Mills and illustrated by the sensational Joker/Mask penciller Ramon Bachs, "Infinity's End" is a white-knuckle Episode I-era blockbuster!

Plot summary[]

Just as Ros Lai is about to kill Quinlan Vos, her sisters arrive, to find the beautiful woman that she has become. Her identity revealed, Ros uses the opportunity to vent her anger by killing two of her sisters. The last one standing, Vonya, attempts to kill Ros Lai, but is stopped by Quin. Vonya then vanishes, using the Force, and reports back to her mistress. On his way to find his friend Yag Shushin, Quin was attacked and captured by a patrol of Nightsisters, who take him back to Mistress Zalem for interrogation. There, Vonya injects him with deadly artery worms. Meanwhile, Yag arrives at his ship, only to find Ros Lai inside. She convinces him to fly the ship for her, as long as they rescue Quin. They burst into the Queen's chambers to find Quin, and rescue him, but the worms have wreaked havoc on his body. Ros Lai gives Quin a potion made of her own blood in an attempt to save him, just as an enemy ship fires its torpedoes on them.



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