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"I'm here for your money, not to listen to your simpering."
Aurra Sing[src]

The Hunt for Aurra Sing, Part 2 is the twenty-ninth issue in the Star Wars: Republic series of comics. It was published on April 25, 2001 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

With a team of Jedi on her tail, the murderous Aurra Sing meets her next clients -- exiled Quarrens from the planet Mon Calamari. The Quarrens seek revenge on the one who caused them to be banished from their ocean homeworld. And Aurra takes a special interest in this new job when she learns that her next hit is on the one she once called "teacher" -- the Dark Woman! But Aurra's date with her former master gets put on hold when she is confronted in space by a Jedi cruiser! Make sure you don't miss this second thrilling chapter of "The Hunt for Aurra Sing"

Plot summary[]

Aurra Sing under attack by droidekas.

Aurra Sing arrives on the planet, Talas. As soon as she exits her cruiser, three Droidekas roll out and attack her. Aurra ignites her red lightsaber and dives into the droids. After quickly dispatching them, she notices two Quarrens standing on a cliff above her. This is Tallet and Lekket. They want to hire Aurra Sing's services and decided to send the Droidekas after her as a test of her ability. Aurra doesn't like being tested and is ready to decapitate both of the Quarrens.

Tallet explains to Aurra that Lekket and he used to operate a smuggling outfit for the Hutts on their home planet, Mon Calamari. An ambitious Quarren (now a senator) named Tikkes tipped off the Republic authorities and before they knew it, soldiers were raiding their base of operations. A Jedi Knight known only as the Dark Woman led the charge. As Tallet and Lekket dove into an escape tube, a Quarren bodyguard fired a shot at the Dark Woman. She deflected the blast with her lightsaber, causing it to ricochet into a fuel cell. Acid from the fuel cell spilled onto Tallet, permanently scarring him.

Forced to flee as refugees from justice, Tallet and Lekket established their new home on Talas. Now they want justice of their own and desire Aurra Sing's services to assassinate Senator Tikkes. Aurra has no interest in Tikkes at all, but the opportunity to possibly track down and destroy her old mentor, the Dark Woman, is too appetizing to resist.

Later, a Republic cruiser carrying Adi Gallia, Ki-Adi-Mundi and A'Sharad Hett sails through space. They enter the proximity of an asteroid field and establish a lock on Aurra's ship. As they come in closer, they realize that Aurra isn't in the ship at all. She is in a personal flier soaring in towards their aft side. Catching the Jedi completely by surprise, Aurra launches a volley of torpedoes that begin shredding the cruiser.


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