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Darkness, Part 1 is the thirty-second issue in the Star Wars: Republic series of comics. It was published on July 24, 2001 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

The saga of Quinlan Vos, a troubled Jedi still trying to regain stability after having his memory erased, continues in this latest Star Wars story arc. Despite his successful mission on Dathomir, the Jedi Council still feels that he walks dangerously close to the dark side. Kiffex, a prison planet under watch by the Guardians, is suddenly thrust into chaos when an unidentified enemy decimates a security compound. Quinlan Vos is specifically requested to investigate because of his Guardian ancestry, and he soon finds himself on another suicide mission. Developing subplots first introduced in "Twilight" and "Infinity's End" and debuting new Star Wars characters, this beginning salvo of "Darkness" sets the stage for a harrowing tale of horror and adventure.

Plot summary[]

Between the twin planets of Kiffu and Kiffex, the Kiffu Guardians destroy a smuggler ship. A single life pod escapes to Kiffex, but they do not fire on it since the smugglers would have been imprisoned there anyway. Aayla Secura emerges from the escape pod, having stowed away on the ship. She intends to track down Quinlan Vos to take revenge on him for killing her uncle. She finds an ancient temple and enters. Inside the temple, an imprisoned man calls out to her with the Force and asks her to free him. She does so, and he declares his intent to sate his hunger and reveals himself to be called Volfe Karkko.

Weeks later, on Coruscant, Mace Windu, Saesee Tiin, Yarael Poof, and Quinlan Vos receive a transmission from Quinlan's great-aunt, Sheyf Tinté Vos. She requests for Quinlan to come to Kiffex to investigate a mysterious attack on one of their outposts on the planet. Windu, Tiin, and Poof discuss the request, and Windu then goes to Quinlan and tells him that they will send him to Kiffex. He also mentions that the Jedi Watchman for that sector, T'ra Saa, has sensed a disturbance in the Force on Kiffex. Quinlan asks about Aayla, but Windu says that they still have not found her. Another Jedi eavesdrops on their conversation.

Quinlan is dropped onto Kiffex by a Guardian. He investigates the outpost and, despite it being forbidden by both the Jedi and Guardians, uses psychometry on the corpse of one of the guards. He learns that they were killed by a horde of Anzati, then realizes that the Anzati are attacking him right now. He fights the Anzati, and almost gives in to his anger. However, the other Jedi calms him down and joins the fight. The Anzati flee, not having expected another Jedi. The other Jedi reveals himself to be Tholme, Quinlan's former master. Seeing Quinlan's lack of recognition, Tholme realizes the extent of Quinlan's memory loss. The two Jedi sense a presence in the storage area, and find Vilmarh Grahrk hidden there. Quinlan attacks Grahrk. When Grahrk protests, Quinlan says that he has learned that Grahrk was responsible for the deaths of Jedi during the Yinchorri Uprising. Tholme reminds Quinlan that as a Jedi, he cannot seek revenge. Quinlan demands to know what Grahrk is doing there. Grahrk explains that he was hired to smuggle blasters to Kiffex, but got caught and was imprisoned there himself. He further explains that he went to the outpost to find blasters, but hid when the Anzati returned. He offers to lead them to the settlement, and the Jedi reluctantly agree.


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